RB3 Players Needed - Start A Band Rock The World !!

I am looking for more Rock Band 3 players!

Would like pro drummers with pro upgrades, but anyone with pro upgrades of their DLC to play would be the best!

Please add me and tell me what pro upgrades you have (if any). I can help you get some of your DLC upgraded if you play Rock Band a lot (as much as me?).

Most of the people on my friends list right now currently play during US day time hours - would be great if you play late night.

If you are a Rocksmith player supplementing your playing with some fun Rock Band Pro guitar online multiplayer, or a keys player or pro drummer, you are not alone - let's play.

I have a lot of DLC that just hasn't been played much so people with large collections or obscure pro upgrades, add me.

This is a call out to PS3 online players with Rock Band 3. Add me to your PSN friends list if you're still playing! And tell me what times and days you usually play!

Enough people are still playing to form full bands time to time, so add me to have the best chance of this.
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