Backwards Compatability

Back in January I bought a handful of RB & GH games for PS3 as well as a Wired RB Drumset as an introduction to learn how to drum. I was walking through Gamestop today and they said if you buy the RB Rivals Bundle they will throw in the Cymbals for free as a promotion.

I was wondering:
Will the PS4 Drums work for the PS3? I've seen some info about the PS3 instruments working for PS4 but not the other way around.

Is there some way for the content from PS3 RB games I now own transfer over to the new games? I've seen something floating around about exporting songs, but i don't quite understand it. Also I got the games after the PS3 servers shut down and never had a chance to purchase any DLC for them.

How much is the average DLC Bundle cost?


  • 1. PS4 Instruments don't work on PS3.

    2. RB3, Track Packs & ACDC can be exported to PS4. RB1, RB2, Green Day RB & Lego RB exports have expired.

    3. The Beatles RB does not export.

    4. ASFAIK, PS3 Rock Band servers are still working.

    5. I Buy DLC via the RB3 in-game Store. It does disconnect alot...

    6. Buy all "Legacy" DLC on PS3.

    7. Cheap Packs are between $5 and $11 in Australia.
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