Major League Eating videogame...?!

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I wonder what the projectile vomiting animation will look like...from Kotaku:

Mastiff has acquired the hottest license since EA snagged rights to the NFL—Major League Eating. They'll be producing MLE: The Game for unspecified platform(s), an experience celebrating gastrointestinal warfare through burps, belches and "mustard gas." Games should note the bold inclusion of a full twelve food groups—at least seven more food groups than man has ever attempted to identify before. Before you hit the jump for the best press release we've seen all day, catch this quote from Mastiff head hancho Bill Swartz:

Major League Eaters aren't just elite athletes. They are the people who built America. Or at least the competitive eating part of America. And I am deeply honored that the International Federation of Competitive Eating and Major League Eating choose Mastiff as their exclusive videogame partner.

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