StarSlay3r for G4 TV's Gamer girl

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I am trying to help a friend in her bid for stardom,
For all you gamers and even non gamers out there,
Lets do our part to help StarSlay3r become the next Gamer Girl in G4's
search for the Ultimate Gamer Girl.
Here is a link to her YouTube vids;

Here is her Myspace display name, you can get to her page through my friends, add her, vote and show your support.

Her profile;
StarSlay3r aka Judy Nails

My profile;
Hot Sauce

You can vote for her at the gotcast website, you do have to sign up for an account but it is as simple as entering an email,input a user name and password and you're all done. Please help us out ,it doesn't take but a couple of minutes and can help someones dream come true. So a couple of minutes of your time can help transform someones life forever, I for one think it is worth it.There is a widget link on her page and also on my page under my interests.The voting is a daily vote allowing
*one vote per email addy per day* Hint, Hint* . So if you want to help then take a quick minute each day and vote, pass on the info to your fellow gamers , add links in your profiles , posts, bulletins, blogs etc. etc. Either way, show your support and because she is a girl don't get it twisted, She is no joke, an avid gamer with many achievments and an endless desire to be a part of the gaming industry.

Go here to vote; - Casting
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