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1) Could use an elite spotlight Drummer. We have some very good drummers, but they don't generally 100% the mid-level songs or Gold star the harder songs. If you can do this, we want you. Doesn't matter how often you play.

2) Could use somebody who is committed to playing each week. Don't have to play a ton, but of course you can if you want to. Instrument doesn't matter, but we would prefer a skill over 900.

We are trying to be a casual yet still competitive crew. We don't use the app or play together online. We send some messages through Xbox occasionally. We don't expect stuff like everybody getting over 50K exp each week. But we do expect everybody to play at least a little bit each week.

Right now we have been solid Diamond level for awhile. If we had an elite drummer or the drum songs are not hard in a given week, we could have a chance at bloodstone. Lately, people haven't been playing as much, but that seems to be the case in most crews.

The way I envision it is that we just play normally and then if we see one week we are close to being promoted to bloodstone, we kick it up a notch and try to get it. We've never been there before and I'm pretty sure we would not be able to stay there, but it would be nice to earn it at least once.

So if you want to try and earn bloodstone on your own instead of just joining a group that's already there, this is the group for you. We are the underdogs and the chance is not high, but it is there.

You can post here with your gamertag and we will invite you or you can send a request through the game. If you want to message me directly, my gamertag is the same as on these forums, nystargate.


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    Update: We are still solid Diamond and are still looking for those 2 people to add to our crew.

    Come on in and test the waters. We won't bite! If you join and are not happy, you can always leave and there will be no hard feelings. Give us a try!

    We have 2 Top 100 vocalists and a sick guitarist/bassist who has gotten 100% on all the spotlights (except the very hardest ones) since he joined...
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    Update: We are still solid Diamond and still looking for at least 1 member. We are currently 9/10.

    So if you want the bonus shirts for being Diamond send a request to join or post here!

    Any instrument is cool. We would prefer a 900 skill level or above and that you plan to play these last two weeks of season zero. Especially the last week where things might get crazy if other crews start pushing more than normal experience because they want the shirts.

    If you don't have the 900, but plan to play a lot, please post here and let me know that. We would take somebody who was going to play a lot no matter what skill level they have.
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    Sent a pm
  • I sent you a message.
  • Invite sent. Hopefully, it worked an d you got it.
  • Update:

    We were solid Diamond for about 2 months. Got demoted to Platinum last week because the drum songs were hard and we don't have an Elite Drummer.

    So if you are an elite drummer, we want you. We'll make room. You could play as much or as little as you want.

    What is an elite drummer, you ask? To me, it's somebody that has a good chance to get 100% on the mid-tier songs and has a reasonable chance to gold star the hardest ones.

    We do have some very good drummers in our group and we had no trouble staying diamond when the songs weren't very hard. We have already gold starred the songs for this week to give you an idea. But to really secure our future - we need that elite drummer...

  • Update:

    Still looking for that Elite Drummer. I know you must be out there somewhere!

    Maybe you are in a group that has multiple great drummers already. If so, it could be time to make the switch and be the big fish in our little pond. It would be a good feeling - I guarantee you.

    Maybe your group members just stopped playing or your group disbanded recently?

    Maybe you were just sitting on the sidelines all this time - not sure if you really wanted to get into Rivals.

    Whatever your reason, you will be welcomed here with open arms.
  • We are still looking for that elusive Elite drummer.

    Here's a new angle. Maybe you aren't an elite Drummer now, but you plan to practice and hope to become one. In that case join us now. We will support you and hopefully one day you can be our best drummer.
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    I've been following this with interest. Should I start looking for a different crew, seeing you are willing to kick someone out, should you find this elusive elite drummer?
  • We have people that haven't played recently.

    Wasn't planning on picking you to kick if we got that elite drummer There are 2 other people I have in mind.

    You have to admit that we need an elite spotlight drummer to have a chance to get to bloodstone (at least under the old rules of promotion - not sure how the new rules will work for us). On the weeks that we don't gold star everything, it is usually only a drum song that is missing.

    I just feel that as group leader it is my duty to the rest of the crew to try and structure the band to go as far as it can without going crazy.

    My ideal structure would be to have at least 1 elite player for each instrument for spotlight purposes. Then the other people could play as often as they want, but I would like to at least see some activity each week.

    If somebody is playing 20 songs each week and then suddenly doesn't play one week and then comes back with 20 songs next week, no problem. But if somebody hasn't played at all for 3 weeks and hasn't sent a message saying they were sick, on vacation, etc I think they are a good candidate to be kicked if somebody better comes along.

    So far I have kicked a few people and a few people have unexpectedly left on their own. I have always sent a message through xbox and tried to wait for a response before kicking anybody.

    I did send a message to the 4 people who had been playing the least many months ago asking if they would mind being kicked if we found another active member. You were one of the 4 players. Out of those four, 1 said it was OK to kick him, another answered the message (months later) saying he wanted to stay and would play more. The other two never answered (you were one of them).

    I don't want to kick anybody unless we get that elusive elite drummer (which seems unlikely) or we have people that haven't played in weeks.

    I would hope that you would want to stay and increase the frequency that you play. If you don't want to commit to playing more often, then I would hope you stay at least until the end of the season, so that you can get the Prize you deserve (most likely Diamond) and that you have been a part of.
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    i did not answer because I never received the message! It's hard to find play time considering I work full time, and I'm working on my college Master on the side.....but let me see what I can do.

    Yes, I can see the logic behind having at least one 'elite' drummer. I don't fault you there. No issues, we are cool.
  • Xbox Live can be pretty wonky at times that's for sure.

    I'm glad we're cool.
  • Well, here goes my sort of weekly post.

    We still need that elite drummer. It stopped us from being promoted to Diamond this week because we couldn't Gold Star one of the songs on drums.

    But now we have a few people that haven't played in weeks. So we could also use somebody that wants to play every week. Doesn't matter what instrument. Would prefer that you want to play at least 20 songs each week and have at least a 900 skill. But if you want to play a lot more than 20 songs, then skill doesn't matter.

    You can make a post here or send a request through the game or hit me up with a message on wonky Xbox Live. My name on xbox live is the same as here - nystargate.

    I am looking forward to the day that the group has 10 people who play each week and a drummer that can gold star almost everything. Won't somebody please make my dreams come true?
  • Update:

    We finally found that elusive elite Drummer and are now full 10/10.

    Welcome drummer extraordinaire, TheInocence618!

    We were already very safely in the zone to be promoted to Diamond this week. Next week will be very interesting and fun as we take our first crack at Bloodstone...
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    Nystargate, are you on the app? All kinds of talk going on there with the crew. Holy crap, dude, holy crap!
  • No I have no app. I just got back from a meeting. I am going to go on Rock Band and see what is up, but I won't know about anything from the app.

    Last I looked we were close to getting bloodstone. If we are close, I will start playing again.

    I finally got 100% on Light Up The Night earlier today, which I thought would be enough to get us there.

    What's been happening on the app?
  • I played until the very end. It seems like we made Bloodstone! We should be no lower than an 87. We were above 85 in both spotlight and experience...
  • smanchacsmanchac Unsigned
    We got it boys!!
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    Smokin'!!!!!!! Yeah, just a lot of chatting about making an effort! And we made it!!!
  • Our final number was 89. We had 88 spotlight and 90 exp.

    That moves us up to 39th place overall (if I remember correctly).
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    We will have to keep working it!
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