Rock band 3 Export to Rock band 4 need help

Hey i was playing RB3 on my PS3 with my PSN account (same account on my PS4),than i was going RB4 ingamestore-Exports-Rock band 3 and chose it...Message:cant verify me i have to play RB3 with the same Account....
what i have to do? please help


  • Try syncing "trophies" on PS3 (and PS4).
  • already done :/
  • edited May 2017
    It may take a little while.

    People are having trouble connecting to Rock Band Central.

    If it still has not worked in a week, try contacting Harmonix Support. You may need to provide a photo of the Rock Band 3 disc with the code on the back of the manual.
  • okay thank you
  • Harmonix send me a export key :D
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