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So I was browsing through the Rockband 4 store under recommended for you and a couple Metallica songs popped up such as ride the lightning, ...and justice for all, and blackened. The 3 dots where the price usually is never showed so I saved it on my wishlist and it never popped back up. I can only find them under the recommended for you section. Any tips?


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    Tip #1: don't post in The Rock Band Network (RBN) subforum... it was for a now defunct capability in game for users to submit authored DLC for sale in store. It went away with RB3 (or at least after MS stopped supporting the XNA infrastructure... so no one really checks in here anymore.

    Tip #2: Unless you had purchased those songs previously, before they became delisted, you won't be able to get them. If you had purchased them previously, then you just need to wait for HMX/Sony to make them available. If you hadn't already purchased them, then just consider HMX to be playing a cruel trick on you.
  • I'll keep that in mind. And what Rockband game had Metallica in it for dlc? I've had every Rockband game and I don't recall seeing metallica
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    I can't recall for sure, but RB1 (I believe) had the Metallica DLC...

    Edit: yeah, pretty sure it was 1... some of the earliest DLC released.

    Here's an article for when it got pulled.
    The first Rock Band game did have Metallica - Enter Sandman on the disc. Then there was a 3 pack of DLC that came out shortly after. The pack contained, Blackened, And Justice For All, & Ride The Lightning.
  • Rock Band 2 had Battery in the On-Disc Songlist.
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    The on-disc songs never exported, so it is extremely unlikely that those will ever return.
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