Double bass supported?

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Hello people who are much smarter than me!

Recently I remembered reading that a recent update would allow double bass drum support. Unfortunately finding information online is tough, because every keyword in the query (Rockband 4 double bass support) is insanely generic.

Anyway, I read a few comments which implied that it WAS released, but I cannot seem to get it to work!

I was hoping you fine folks could let me know if it HAS been released, and if so potentially help me figure out why mine isn't working (yes I know, support forum, blah blah).

Xbox One RB4
360 Beatles Rockband kit + Madcatz adaptor
Two stock pedals

I've tried using both ports (orange and black) as well as using the very-old double bass switch thing (you plug in both pedals, and the output combined them?) from RB2 (I think). The switch has "2 channels" and I've tried both.

Each pedal works independently in the orange slot.

I've tried looking through the in-game options to no avail.

Please help me :)


  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    Sadly, the problem is the madcatz wireless adapter. It doesn't support double bass. The game supports double bass on rb4 kits, and on the PS4 side they're fine on legacy kits too. But on Xbox legacy kits, the bad link in the chain is that damned adapter, and as a result you can't get 2x bass pedals working on a legacy kit in Xbox one RB4.
  • victimsofadownvictimsofadown Opening Act
    That's really ****... guess I'll have to exercise the old-fashioned way :(. Thank you for your considering and informed answer though!
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