Kicked Friend for Laser Cat

I am confessing to the forums because it is funny and I feel just a little guilty. Two days ago I kicked a friend/coworker from my crew because someone messaged me, promising 20,000 xp grinding. My real life friend had not played in about 5 weeks, and even when he was playing, he would maybe contribute 10 song plays a week. My crew has being bouncing from platinum and diamond for several weeks, only staying diamond on exceptional weeks where 3 or 4 of us put in over 100 song plays. I really did not want to miss out on a chance at laser cat if it was an off week, so I kicked the friend to support the crew (and selfishly hopefully get laser cat shirt in a few weeks). Do I regret it? No, new dude has already played more than 50 song plays, and we are solidly in the safe zone for diamond. But...not sure if that makes it right.

On a side note, daughter is also not playing much, so if someone wants to message me, I will totally kick her too. (I am joking... kinda)


  • As long as you communicated. If you didn't, then ya, dick move. I'm sure there was some level of understanding that your friend/coworker already knew since they weren't playing much, so a brief conversation probably would have avoided guilty feelings about it. Because, you know, the virtual kitty shirt is totally worth wrecking a friendship over. (note the REAL ironic statement there - none of that Alanis irony baloney.)
  • Don't worry, we communicated, we're good. I just thought it was fun to suggest that laser cat desire made me do it. I think that is amusing me way to much right now.
  • Who would have thought that Rock Band can teach management lessons
  • Ah yes, the plat/diamond yo-yo. It stinks. There have been about 30 transitions between weeks in Rivals so far, and we've spent 20 of them moving from one tier to another (mostly between diamond and plat and back).

    I'm wondering if HMX has actually done any game analytics to determine how many crews are stuck in Violent Oscillation*** between two tiers... I think they eventually did because they figured it out for Seasons. (Or, enough of us complained.)

    Anyways, I agree with the above that it's 100% okay if you talked to him and he agreed to leave the crew. A crew on the plat/diamond yo-yo has to perform pretty well even to stay on that yo-yo (personal experience speaking here), and I'm sure he'd eventually not really enjoy the culture of everybody in the crew spending 5-10 hours a week grinding. The reason might have been silly but honestly your friend probably doesn't care.

    It only becomes difficult when you message (both over XBL/PSN and via the app) someone who's been idle for 3+ weeks and there's no response 2 weeks after that. We had to kick 2 people in that situation back in our early days. Fortunately it turns out they totally gave up RB and as of 6 months later, didn't even care enough to notice they'd been kicked.

    ***feel free to steal that as your crew name if you need it.
  • nystargatenystargate Unsigned
    Andy, you are right - that situation is terrible!

    I had 4 people that weren't playing regularly. I messaged all 4 asking if they would be OK with being removed from the crew if we found someone who was going to play regularly. Only 1 answered. So when we got an extra player a few weeks later, I had to kick one of the 3 who hadn't answered. I picked the one who was playing the least and kicked him. I felt bad about it.

    I felt even worse because shortly thereafter it was announced that the season was coming to an end and there would be prizes for everyone in a crew. Someone else left on their own weeks later and I invited the guy I kicked back saying how bad I felt and that he should come back and get the prize he deserved. He never answered or accepted the invite. When I last checked he was still groupless.

    That is the sad part, now here is the funny part. One of the guys I sent the original email to finally answered 2 months later. He said not to kick him because he was going to play more. Thankfully, I hadn't picked him to kick back then!

    Communication is not my groups strong point, obviously...
  • @nystargate -- As for the people who didn't respond, they basically stopped playing, if you ask me. Or joined another crew, which is unlikely.

    People usually pick up and drop video games like they do any other sort of IT solution - like a frying pan you take out of the oven without your mitts on, because hey right, you don't normally handle a frying pan with mitts -- so that guy's reaction was normal. If he never cared enough to reply, it basically means that he forgot his oven mitts.

    I basically take the same approach I would to my students (which is probably being way too much of a nice guy, but with my personality the only other alternative involves the exact opposite): The first message usually goes "Hope everything's going okay man and you want to start playing RB [or turning in assignments] again. Let me know if you're not interested in the crew [need to withdraw from the course] ASAP otherwise, because we can then find another member and you can focus on the games you really want to play [so we don't have people fail the class unnecessarily and you can take another class instead]."
  • Ha, this saga continues. Now we have an extra spot as a random crew member who was a member for a week just left a few hours ago (not the new super active member who has over 100 song plays, that guy rocks). I have no idea why they left as they didn't say anything on app or on xbox. Wish they hadn't joined and then none of this would have happened. Now I debate re-inviting my friend (who almost never plays) or looking for someone who will actually help the crew. Actually not much of a debate as crew comes first as long as laser diamond cat is in play! (Again, a joke as I will talk with friend at work tomorrow and see if he is interested.)

    In the history of our crew I have kicked 4 members. 3 of those were complete inactives for 22 weeks (I think I saw a combined 5 song plays the whole time they were a part of the crew). I was given admin 3 weeks ago and I kicked those 3 and invited active players. Crew finally was full last week. This week, I kicked my friend after the rocking grinder messaged me.

    I agree with Andy, it is tough to have a true active crew. Best we have had in a given week is 7 playing, but in the past it has normally been 5 of us with 4 of us doing most of the heavy lifting.

  • @patricide1979 - If you need a drum grinder I know someone looking for a crew. PM me here or over XBL (GT same as my forum SN).
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