Purchased? vs In Library?

Just bought a bunch of songs, and half are not in the game, i have refreshed 10 times already and still can't find the new songs. Some say purchased, and arnt in the list, while others say in library and are in the list? what the ? wife is really wanting to play the cheerleader song, but for the life of me I have no ideal why it is not showing up, just spent like 50 bucks, this sucks, any help please?


  • 1. Hover over Rock Band 4
    2. Scroll down to PS Store
    3. Wait
    4. Wait some more
    5. Click "Add-ons"
    6. Install missing songs
  • master2uallmaster2uall Back From The Dead
    says they are installed
  • Try to restore your license and reboot your console after. Then try :)
  • master2uallmaster2uall Back From The Dead
    i restored licenses and then rebooted the game, finally showed up, thanks guys
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