Updated List of Revealed Dropmix Cards by Deck/Symbol (Updated Regularly)

rocky_10rocky_10 Unsigned
edited June 2017 in DropMix
Hey everyone, Rocky here, (a.k.a KhaosApache on Reddit) I've been working off and on developing a master list of the cards that have been shown off for DropMix between streams, websites, and promotional material. I can't post my full-length list on this forum due to character constraints, but if you head over to the games Reddit page at reddit.com/r/dropmix you can find my regularly updated card lists that I post once a week and update as more cards are revealed. If you are aware of any cards not currently on the list, please inform me here or on Reddit. My latest current list was made as of June 13th (With a June 15th update). I plan to update the list with instrument types and maybe even specific card numbers as time goes on, so stay tuned and anticipate a new update in the coming days.


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