[XB1] Whatsamasibling?! S2 rank21 Platinum

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Originally clearing S0 on Platinum with 2 active members, Whatsamasibling?! is currently back on Platinum tier with 8 members, but with a need for an extra singer and drummer (Expert skill 850+ preferably)
People committed to playing for decent xp are also welcome.

You can reach me here through a comment or PM, or through my gamertag EvilOverlord.

History: Cleared Season 1 on Bloodstone, rank62.


  • We got an extra drummer but could still use a singer cuz I'm not cutting it on my own :p
  • We have recruited a new singer, but had to remove a player due to inactivity.
    We have all skills covered so the last spot is intended for someone with good activity and a decent setlist for xp purposes.
    We didn't make the cut for Diamond the past week but with our current spread and a 10th member for xp, we're looking at promoting soon.
  • We landed our asses in Diamond with a nice boost to our overall rank at the same time. Sadly one of our players has been MIA for a week and thus we're looking at replacements.
    Expert Drummer for spotlight + basic amounts of crew xp would be nice, as would someone with a knack for the Impossible Guitar songs.
  • Another player down due to inactivity without a reply.

    Our needs haven't changed; another Expert Drummer or Guitarist would be the best fit, aswell as another active xp grinder.

    No promotion to Bloodstone this week though our rank should increase and we'll have our promotion next week.
  • Since last time we've moved up in tier, rank and number.
    We could still use 1 more member, preferably another drummer, to help with perfecting spotlight scores and for more XP.

    Going into the new season, we hope to keep or improve our rank while working up to Bloodstone again; this time with 10 people!
  • Managed to find that drummer but have sadly lost our main spotlight vocalist due to RL!

    A good Vocal skill and medium xp gains (10kish) are all that's required, we have the big grind covers aswell as all the other spotlights.

    Contact me here or through my gamertag, EvilOverlord.
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    Gained a new main Vocalist but lost a strings player due to school!

    Our new member would be mostly for xp gains, but a decent skill level on your instrument of choice is ofc still a basic necessity.

    So far we're in the top 10 for spotlight and top 50 for xp, averaging around rank30 (or whatever rank we'll get together with all the other 99/100point crews)

    As always, contact me here or through my gamertag, EvilOverlord.
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    Managed to get 100 Rival Points in the first week, which puts us on rank6?! (or tied with all other 100point crews)

    We are still looking for another player, guitarist would be nice considering the upcoming challenge + as extra competition for spotlights.
  • Congrats on getting 100 rival points!

    Ranking when there is a tie is based on a previously determined random number. Take at look at the crews above you, they will always be above you in a tie. The crews below you will always be below you when tied. My crew got the 2nd place overall badge for week one, and are ranked #13 on the rivals points leaderboards due to the wacky tie system.
  • Whatsamasibling?
  • 1) Figured it was random, hence why I added that we got 100 points.

    2) Whatsamasibling?!
  • Rank23 now, bit more reasonable :)
    Still looking for another player to grind xp and give some healthy competition for spotlights.
  • Another week, another promotion: Platinum with rank21.

    We'd like to stop 9manning it though so anyone with a good library and time to play, get in touch!
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