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  • I wish they didn't score the guitar solos so I could read a book too

    I do support the varied bonking however. It would be more interesting than repetitive tapping for 3 minutes
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    Anaconda said:

    IMHO I don't get what was the point in getting the long version of In A Gadda Da Vida into RB. Gameplay-wise it would make much more sense to get the short edit as it would be more pleasant to play and have any replayability in it. Right now its more like "let's buy it, play it once or two times in sake of weekly challenge and forget about it".

    I agree with this 100%.
    I appreciate what HMX did here, cuz it seems like total fan service to hardcore drummers, but I just can't see myself playing this much.. I'd much rather have the edited version..

    Would've been nice if they could've figured out a way to sell the edited version at regular price - then let people purchase the next 13 minutes for another $1-2 if they were so inclined..

    As it is - it's not the $3 price tag that's holding me back - it's that I simply don't want to play one song for that long.. Which sucks - cuz I really like the short edit and love classic rock as a general rule.
    I've been thinking this as well. I think it's cool that we have the full version available, but I wouldn't have objected to the short version, and ideally making both versions available somehow would have been great. As it stands I'm still on the fence about buying it, because while I appreciate the concept and the novelty I'm not sure it's something that'll get a lot of play here.
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