Constant game crushes

Using Think-Pad Y910, win 10, 1070
Game crushes almost on every song, frame-drop and hiccups, sound crush...
Any patches or known workarounds?


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    Post your specs, and if you feel like you can trust us, maybe provide us parts of your event log around when the crashes happen?

    What programs are you running on your system? Could it be another program is crashing it?

    Is the 1070 built into the laptop, or are you using a Thunderbolt graphics card dock to play with it?
  • The spec for Lenovo IdeaPad 910:
    win 10 home, i7 6820HK, 32GB, 1070 (built into laptop). This is a VR ready computer which has no similar problems on any other VR app.
    No other app is running in the background other than the default apps (some of them by Lenovo such as the "Lenovo Nerve Center" which controls power and overclocking - tried to enable "turbo" mode before entering the game take the control from the "Lenovo Nerve Center".
    I tried updating BIOS, drivers, reinstalling Oculus runtime and Rockband VR...

    There are two types of crushes:
    1) Audio stops, I solve this by going to win playback devices and disabling and re-enabling Oculus Rift headphones.
    2) The game gets stuck, at certain point I'll be able to move my head in the game and see guitar key presses but everything else is stuck and I will need to hard reset the game.
    I'm unable to play even 1 song from beginning to end.

    How can I see the relevant event log for the crush?
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