Wishlist issues

djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
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I keep buying songs but my wishlist keeps growing! Seems counterintuitive. Anyone else experience that?

Including songs that come from song packs I want, my wishlist is approaching 400 songs now!

My wishlist went from 25 songs to 75 to 200 to now close to 400. Will it stop? And mind you, I have bought 177 songs by my records since April.

Fun (but expensive) hobby :smile:


  • dlleweldllewel Unsigned
    Glad I'm not the only one... thanks!
  • My wish list is already at 80 songs... and it is just things I wanted after I lost my job at the end of October

    I already have over 1,300 songs in Rock Band, but I keep finding other songs I want
  • djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
    I am approaching 700 songs in my library now and to me, it feels like a lot (although not compared to many on here).

    @firedoom666 , hope you find employment soon.
  • I have Rock Band 4's new recommendation system to thank for my growing wish list. They really hit the nail on the head with that one!
  • Really? Every time I check it I get recommended things I already own.
  • derekhall said:

    Really? Every time I check it I get recommended things I already own.

    Yep, it does the same for me with most songs
  • aimsmallmismallaimsmallmismall Unsigned
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    My library is over 1200 and my wish list is also just over 400 songs.

    They are very much rainy-day songs though.. I've scoured the online store a hundred times now and have bought everything I at least kinda like.. My wish list is really a "Why-the-heck-not-I-don't-HATE-this-song-and-I'm-bored" list...
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