Rock Band 4 Rivals Bundle ($35.99 on PSN this week) Question about what's included

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I bought the Rock Band 4 Guitar bundle, but haven't played it yet and I noticed the install for Rock Band 4 game takes up over 8GB, while the RB4 Rivals Bundle says it only requires 3.78GB. Does anyone know why this would be?

Does it not include all of the music tracks which the stand alone Rock Band 4 disc contains?

I would like to have the online component included with Rivals and figured I might as well buy the bundle since, on sale, it's roughly the same price. It would also be convenient not to have to play from the disc, but I want to make sure it comes with everything the disc version has (+ Rivals)

If anyone know for sure can you please post? Thanks.


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    That's additional space(which is in itself a weird distinction since you have to download that regardless of ownership). As noted in the item description on the PS Store, it has 4 and Rivals. All digital games are the exact same as their disc versions, barring a different install.
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    OK, thanks for confirming it.
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