Need Crew Members

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Hi I made a crew with only me In It and I need help when It comes to DLC songs I can't get. Since I don't have to much money. I can't get the 2 DLC songs for any season.
Xbox Only
Sadly I don't have gold so I can't play online yet and I'm a drummer


  • If it is just you, consider joining another crew, drummers are in short supply (not sure of your talent level) so I am sure there are many crews looking for members. My kids have a platinum almost diamond crew, TIE FIGHTERS, and they are looking for members. They will almost always have all DLC for spotlight as they have access to my songs. There will be no pressure to play anymore than you wish as they are truly casual players. :smile:
  • Ha, I messed up their name. XWING FIGHTERS. I knew it was Star Wars Related.
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