Is there a plan to update the app?

With the start of the new season the tier status bar sometime doesn't accurately show where you band is at. In addition there is still the red bar for demotion which is not seen on the console. Our band has recent started using the app to talk to each other but I have noticed that I am only notified about the first new message. If someone else respond and I haven't checked the messages in the app yet then i am not notified. These are just a few issues I have seen but really like the app. Helps me track my progress as I get better at expert vocals.


  • KazooKazoo Unsigned
    Whew... good thing I checked.. I was about to post the same thing. ;)

    Yes.. the position bar is the old style.. not only does it still have the demotion, but it also has incorrect promotion positions. I think it should be 70/30 for all tiers, except Diamond, which appears to be 85/15 in the actual game.

    If anyone is open to requests, I'd also like to be able to see my own high scores (or at least stars) for each song in the song list.

    Actually... I'd like to see a lot of things, but, for now.. I'll just be happy if an update is coming.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    The funny thing about the App is that it does seem to have the proper promotion status in the number. I noticed a week or so ago that the overall status bubble sat in the Blue Zone, but the numbers inside the bubble were green. We were hovering around the real promotion zone and when we dipped below the numbers turned blue.

    I think...
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
    Agreed I would love to see an update to the app
  • Hey guys I just downloaded the app and was wondering what determines your skill score and how to imrpove it
  • CBT87, check out the "900 skill points" thread in the main Rock Band forums. They talk a little about what goes into the skill calculation.

    While we're asking for updates, could we figure out some way for sign-on information to be consistently persistent? Seems like I have to sign on 1x week or so, then every day for a few days. It's a bit of an annoyance.
  • braves22braves22 Opening Act
    How about an easier way to search for ppl needing/wanting a new crew? Or ppl that are looking to get into a crew or a new crew? Some checkboxes and better filtering could make this much easier than starting at 1000 on each instrument and taking several days to find anyone of relevance to send invites to
  • In Regards to Skill I would like to see how that is determined as well. I do vocals and have been improving on Drums. While I am better at Vocals (875 right now) I play the pro drums more to get better. Because of this it has determined that pro Drums are my favorite instrument but my skill is only in the upper 300s. The problem is when it comes to the band roster it shows me as pro drums and not vocals. I have compared my own vocals and pro Drums skills and vocals beats pro Drums in all categories except stars. I am currently working on singing more to put up more stars but my pro drums are double the number of stars than my vocals so it is slow going. I also stopped playing new songs on drums just to catch up.

    I think a better way to do this would be to allow us to select what shows in the crew listing instead of the automatic selection.
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