Season 1 Ending... What will our on-screen rockers be wearing next?

At the end of last season we heard about Diamond Cat and Eagle t-shirts. Has there been an announcement of what we might be winning this season? I remember that someone at Harmonix stated we would be getting a Toga on reddit. (Actually they used it as an example, and stated we weren't getting Togas, but still I want to remember that we are getting a Toga with Space Invaders and angry badgers.)


  • EvilMunkyEvilMunky Unsigned
    Considering I still have yet to see my Diamond Shirt in the rock shop, I don't have my hopes up.
  • I was also wondering about this.. There are going to be prizes, right? I play semi-casually so I'm trying to decide if I should put in the effort to get promoted
  • So it looks like #1 gets to create a challenge and probably just mission badges for everyone else.

  • EvilMunkyEvilMunky Unsigned
    We get nice, new, shinnnnyyyyyyy.......................... Badges! :(
  • Badges! We don't need no stinkn' badges! (Movie quote, actually I am ok with badges, but a Toga would be better)
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