Anyone heard of Royal Tusk? Canadian Rock Band

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I'm guessing not many of you since I only found one other reference to them in the forums.

I recently saw their show during Summerfest (2017). Never heard of them, but I previewed a couple songs before the show and was sold. They put on a great live show and completely won me over. I picked up their full length album after and have been jamming it since. Kinda has a southern rock to it (at times), but it also has some big power chord hooks that get in your brain. I find myself singing them throughout the day. Might be a fun one for Rock Band, anyone else agree?

Curse The Weather
Cold On Me (contains extended jam session)
Dynamo (may contain the piano riff from These Eyes - The Guess Who :p )
Fever (stick around for the jam session at 2:05)
Shadow of Love
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