Looking for Casual Quickplay Friends on Xbox

So I've played RB4 once or twice since I bought it on pre-order, not realizing then that there was no online quickplay and I couldn't use my e-drums. At long last I was able to order the PDP adapter and I'm expecting it Monday. I also do vox, and could play guitar if needed, though it's not my favorite instrument.
I'm a bit rusty, don't have as much time to play as I used to, and I haven't bought DLC since like RB2. But I used to be really good, and my drum chops especially will come back quick as I still play drums irl. So send me a request if you want to jam sometime, like tonight even. GT= doc snout


  • GT eddielagato, sent you a request, just got Gold at last myself. Mainly drum as well but I can do pretty much everything on expert, except maybe some vocal songs (unless we're not worried about points el oh el)
  • ScythicusScythicus Unsigned
    edited September 2017
    Gt apoormamasboy hit me up. Where I live I'm stuck to guitar or bass
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