How to hide songs from set list voting?

I recently learned about song ratings and marking songs as 1 to hide them from the list.

But when I do that the "1 rated" songs still seem to still show up when we are voting when "playing a show." Is there some way to remove "1 rated" songs from set list voting?

Alternatively, is there some way to remove songs that came with Rock Band 4 from the game. (I know how to remove DLC).


  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    edited August 2017
    Many have requested the setlist vote picker to exclude 1-rated, but it has not been implemented.

    No, you can't delete disc songs. On PS4 you can't even delete dlc - once you dl something it's there forever (unless you completely uninstall the game and reinstall it and redownload everything else except the unwanted track).
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