Upstrumming on bass = hammer on?

Hey all,

Are hammer-ons triggered properly by upstrumming?

I'm a bass player. After completing the mission where you play bass parts with upstrums, I found that they were just more comfortable to me (except when playing really fast repeated notes) than downstrums, or even alternating. Recently, I've downloaded Moving Pictures, and in attempting to play some of those songs-especially Red Barchetta, I've noticed that hammer-ons can be triggered properly by upstrumming-that is, you won't have an overstrum and break your streak if you upstrum on a hammered-on note.

Is this something that anyone else has noticed?


  • jenjen961jenjen961 Opening Act
    Upstumming is exactly the same as downstrumming as far as hitting the notes go. Strumming hammer ons is something that has always been supported, doesn't matter how.
  • Yeah, HOPOs aren't mandatory, you can strum them if you want.
  • The reason one misses a HOPO by overstrumming is normally because you'll press the button, it registers the hit, then you strum "on the note" when you've already hit it and you'll miss.

    Possibly your sense of timing is just better when upstrumming, but as they've said you can strum every single hammer on you ever saw no matter what direction you're strumming.
  • ThumprrThumprr Unsigned
    Thanks all-I very much appreciate the help!
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