Factory reset on xbox one yesterday & I'm missing 50 songs

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Under manage games its shows 1265 installed-EDIT figured this out, on disc songs for RB4
Music library shows 1305
I actually own 1353

I can post the list of each song missing if needed, I can tell you none of the missing songs are de-listed songs. In the browse section of the in game music store I was able to locate each missing song as it says 'purchased" rather then "in library" & one of two things happens when I click on purchased. more often then not it says you already own this song to install it go to my games and apps or it says there was a problem with this purchase, please try again later. Under games & apps/manage game/ready to install it says one of two things "if you own content not installed this is where you will find it" or it says "click here to see digital purchases" either way none of the songs missing show up in my games & apps/manage game/ready to install. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

One more lil tidbit my hard drive has the exact same amount of used space 63.7% as it did previous to the factory reset. I'm thinking if 50ish songs are missing from there that number would be different then before so I'm thinking they're there, somewhere. Thanks again for any help


  • Just gotta wait. It's indexing.
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
    Thanks for that info @HMXOwl, it stopped indexing Monday night @ 7pm as of 5 mins ago those songs still cannot be installed @ ready to install or through the music store. So it indexed 1305 songs in about 6-7 hours & now its 30+ hours for the last 50?? Just posing the question not saying its not possible at all, I don't know, but it seems like something is wrong here. Thanks again for the help
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    One more tidbit of info, I spent about an 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Xbox customer service yesterday and exhausted all options on their end to fix this. When we got off the phone we had not found a resolution to the problem & they told me to contact the developer. Xbox's consensus was that they should be found under manage game/ready to install. Thanks
  • Like I said, it's just waiting. You don't have to dig around in menus or sit on support calls. Just hang out and exist, they'll index.
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    Awesome thank you
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
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    @HMXOwl one more question and I will leave you be. My Xbox has issues & it's old, I'm gonna upgrade to the Xbox one S this morning I think, with the two week break between seasons it will give me time to reindex them all. My question is will my scores move to the S with my songs or will I have to do them all over again on every instrument. Your help is invaluable, Thanks again.

    I also posed the question on our crews chat app & called xbox and it sounds like they do. Thanks Owl have a great day
  • Saves are in the cloud, they're not tied to anything physical. It follows you to any Xbox One forever.
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    Can confirm. Flew across the ocean, played RB4 on a friend's Xbox, there were my characters and bands. (Wasn't checking for scores, but if they're part of the save...)
  • Leave RB4 on the menu overnight. It will all be there when you come back in the morning
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    Thanks a bunch for the info
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