Missed Bloodstone in season 1 - but why?!

So our Band (Country-Land Rockabillies) missed getting promoted to Bloodstone in the last week (of season 1). :neutral:
Usually after each of the played weeks we got a promotion (we missed the first 2 weeks of the season).

Strange thing about it was, that the progression bars were very (and I mean very!) hard to advance. Much less progression after songs than the weeks before.
Usually after a session with our 2-3 men crew the lower bar (average Crew ep) was in the high 90s or even a 100. Now we weren't able to push it any further than 87...
Also the spotlight part was confusingly low, in the mid 30s ...

Needless to say we departed a bit frustrated of these strange circumstances not adavance as expected on the progression bar.

Was something changed in the calculation of progression for the last season?
(I remember on Monday there was an issue with the getting crew points around 8-9pm CET)

And while we at it, how exactly does one advance btw? :blush:


  • You were up against tougher crews (spotlight) that played more (xp) If you missed the first couple of weeks and started late, the progression would have seemed pretty easy as you would have been up against solo crews or crews that rarely play or buy spotlight songs. You hit a wall at the end as you were up against some of the best crews (not the very best as they had moved to bloodstone a few weeks ago). Remember each step of the way you were only competing against crews in your tier. Missing two weeks meant you didn't see any of the top crews as they would have been in gold when you were in bronze and kept moving as you moved.
  • @Phoenixflieger After each challenge that bloodstone was available, the percentile bar for promotion increased by 5 in the next one. The crew I'm in promoted to diamond with the metal challenge (challenge 4) and these were the promotion cutoffs:
    Challenge 5: 80
    Challenge 6: 85
    Challenge 7: 90

    Following that pattern I'd guess challenge 8 had a promotion cutoff of 95. As for your crew getting low percentiles, pretty much what @patricide1979 said.
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    My crew made it to bloodstone in week 7 and we had to make almost 300k xp plus being in the top 20? Maybe for spotlight, it was crazy hard, you have to go nuts playing to make it, i was lucky to have been on vacation so i had time to play more because otherwise it would have been impossible to make it, best of luck to you in season 2!
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    Your percentile score on the progress bar is pretty much entirely based on how many other crews you're competing against. The lower the tier, the more crews, so the easier to make points on a low leaderboard placement. I'm going to give some numbers below to sort of illustrate this, they are not accurate as I don't remember exact numbers and I'm not near my PS4. Also the percentile numbers I'm giving, apply to both Spotlight and XP leaderboards.

    Bronze: 5000 Crews, to score a 95 you need to be in the top 5%, so anywhere in the top 250 would get you a 95 or better.

    Silver: 2000 Crews (40% advanced from Bronze). At least 95 would require top 100.

    Gold: 700 Crews (35% advanced). Top 35 would get you at least 95.

    Platinum: 210 Crews (30% advanced). Top 11 would get 95'ish or better.

    Diamond: 52 Crews (25% advanced). You would need to be top 2 or 3 for a 95.

    Bloodstone: Doesn't really matter since you can't demote, but only 15% would have promoted from Diamond, leaving only 7 crews in this tier. If you made 2nd place at this stage of Bloodstone, you would only get about 85.

    This was roughly the PS4 tier distribution at the start of week 6 (the second week bloodstone was accessible). Again, my numbers may not be exact, but this should give you the general idea of how it works. At week 8 there should have been quite a few more crews in Diamond, making things a bit easier, but still a serious grind to advance.
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    Ok, thanks to everybody for the explanations. :)

    After taking the survey I realised we missed the first 3 weeks, not 2. Guess playing more weeks gives you better chances to sneak to Bloodstone in unpopular weeks/themes.

    Well, I hope we make it to Bloodstone one day.

    The season was a lot of fun (although it wasn't much more than just playing setlists in leaderboards). I guess it was mainly because of our rapid progression until well ... last theme week. :|
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star

    Guess playing more weeks gives you better chances to sneak to Bloodstone in unpopular weeks/themes.

    That's not how it works at all. The last week is the easiest week to advance because more good crews have already advanced in previous weeks, so the competition is easier. The 2nd to last week is the second easiest.

    No week is easy. We got in on the last week because the Spotlight Songs matched up with one of our crew member's skill set and he nailed 9 of 12 in the high 90%s.
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    That was my experience in our crew. The 2nd Bloodstone week, we played our butts off; in my experience, it was the most I played since Rivals began, but we missed the tier by 2%. The following week, even though my playing was limited due to the strain on my voice from the previous challenge, we easily made it into the tier and finished in 29th place.
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