Self-Possessed Mission

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Anyone have any suggestions for me on how to pass this mission? I'm respectable with a plastic guitar - able to 5-star or better most songs - but I'm not aware of any metal song where I can get a long-enough streak to accomplish this mission. There's always a challenging solo in the way, or the song itself is easy but too short (like Lacuna Coil "Closer").

I have a lot of DLC (2000+ songs), but I generally stay away from metal unless its something classic from my youth.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Maybe try Fever by Judas Priest. It's relatively easy for metal and over five minutes long, so it probably has over 666 notes.
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    If you have the RB3 export, Du Hast might be worth a try. I think it has enough notes on Hard difficulty if you can't do it on Expert.
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    Cirice. The only hard part is the last half of the solo. The song is 642 easy notes then the solo - if you make it 25 notes into the solo (and there's nothing remotely hard in the first 25 notes of the solo) you're set.

    It's trickier, but In This Moment's "Forever" has about 875 notes before its closing solo. It was on the Metal Track Pack export so you might have it from that even if you didn't individually buy it.
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    Thank you everyone. For some reason I have a really hard time with Du Hast, but I'll give Fever a try. Never downloaded Cirice, but I was on the fence about it. This might make it worthwhile.
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    Cirice worked! Thanks again.
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