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As title says, I'd like to expose this subject for spanish and no spanish speakers. I can't estimate correctly how large is the latin comunity inside the game users, so I'm recurring to the forum in general, to ask your opinion about bringing more latin artists into Rock Band series. I believe there are a lot of open minded users who might like to take a peek into this sort of music, so I'm bringing a bunch of samples for you to hear and maybe at certain point we could launch a request to HMX with a consistent number of votes.

How I chose the bands?
These are solely latin rock bands listed into several music opinion sites, such billboard, rollingstone, buzzfeed, etc. After merging artists and album lists, I took the more mentioned bands across 5 countries: Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain and a few mixed nationality artists.

What about the tracks?
Chosen tracks comes from the most played songs into spotify profiles. I believe is a good enough measure for popularity. I made an exception into an especific case, stated below.

What do I expect of this?
To get the endorse of the comunity to launch the needed requests through Request Page for HMX to have notice on this genre and maybe in a future have some of these hits into the DLC market. I'd like to have a set list of at least one song by country.

The bands
So, these are the sugested bands, and their most popular songs:

Edit; I added a track for some artists as some of their songs may be not that interesting for non spanish speakers that might focus in rythm instead, also reordered the tracks based in this same criteria.

  1. Matador
  2. Mal bicho
  3. Vasos vacios
  4. Siguiendo la luna
SODA STEREO - Probably the most legendary band on latin rock in history
  1. Persiana americana
  2. Cuando pase el temblor
  3. De musica ligera
  1. La muralla verde
  2. Tu carcel
  3. Lamento boliviano
  4. Luz de dia
CAFÉ TACVBA - Some of their songs were featured on Fifa series and Love is a B*tch movie.
  1. La ingrata
  2. Quiero ver
  3. Como te extraño
  4. Eres
MANA - Featured in RB3 with "Oye mi amor"
  1. Clavado en un bar
  2. Rayando el sol
  3. En el muelle de San Blas
  4. Mariposa traicionera
CAIFANES - One of the biggest mexican bands ever
  1. Viento
  2. No dejes que...
  3. Afuera
  4. La célula que explota
HEROES DEL SILENCIO - The song "Avalancha" was featured in GH3 as bonus
  1. Entre dos tierras
  2. Heroe de leyenda
  3. Maldito duende
  4. La chispa adecuada
  1. Marta tiene un marcapasos
  2. Devuelveme a mi chica
  3. Venezia
  1. En algun lugar
  2. Cien gaviotas
  3. Una calle de Paris
  1. Florecita rockera
  2. Baracanatana
  3. Bolero falaz
SHAKIRA - During 90's she was more a rock pop singer than in the current days. Her first albums were more apropiate to RB contents.
  1. Ciega, sordomuda
  2. Si te vas
  3. Estoy aquí
  4. Objection (Tango) - This song is even more powerful than the rest, just placing in fourth position because it belongs to her second era. The instrumentation fits perfectly into RB.
  1. El duelo
  2. Dia cero
  3. Mentira
  4. Bonus: Sin ti - a cover of "Wicked Game".
  1. He barrido el sol
  2. La torre de Babel
  3. Dejate caer
  1. Tren al sur
  2. Estrechez de corazon
  3. Paramar
An that's it, guys. I hope you can find something matching your taste. Several years ago I had a high expectation when Juanes was featured into RB3 DLC, cause I thought the door was opened for the latin artists, but after all these years with no more on sight, I'd be happy to have some enthusiasm from the community to get some more in spanish language.


  • You left out Despacito. If we got that as DLC right now, it would be a huge seller.

    I do think you picked the best 3 Spanish Shakira songs though, so I would love if they had those 3 as a pack...
  • I want everything in the main post.

  • Also I must add that when I played with some friends (that usually don't play videogames), it was the music in our language that they enjoyed the most; it wasn't Queen, the Who, Van Halen, U2, etc. that gave them the most fun, it was Juanes and Maná.
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    When I get a chance, I'll check out the examples in the OP. But if it's anything like the Latin music already in RB, count me in. Those songs are all cool to me. Hay Poco Rock & Roll is super fun on guitar :)

    Edited to say: it's funny because when I play one of the Latin songs in RB, I always wonder why we've never gotten more of this type of music over the years.
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    KidSleez said:

    But if it's anything like the Latin music already in RB, count me in. Those songs are all cool to me. Hay Poco Rock & Roll is super fun on guitar :)

    You are right! Being the most popular doesn't mean they are all that funny to play, so I'll make a few additions to the lists to include at least one more upbeating song per artist.

  • Rodrigo y Gabriella tracks were the best
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