New Game Idea: Dance Central Rb.18

I want you to try making an Xbox One Dance Central game with crews and the same Dance Central game but this time, no Miss Aubrey because I hate her so much. I hope you give Mo songs from the main series of Just Dance, at least Walk This Way and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) would be the two best songs to work for Mo. I think you'd work with Ubisoft if you want to give Mo Just Dance songs, because otherwise, Mo would cry if you don't give him Just Dance songs. You should do the same thing to Taye; She has only one song from Just Dance named Macarena, at least Naughty Girl and Ain't My Fault will be more songs for Taye. Also, make Oblio return, but also make the second time he is a basic content character, because he needs to get a nicer crew and make that one the only crew to have songs in 2017. I want Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato to be in the game! That will be the best song to be on Dance Central!
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