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  • Nystargate, do you know how the scoring for spotlight songs work? I don't understand it, and been keeping away from playing the spotlights on drums for fear of lowering theinnocence scores. Could you explain this? The regular xp scoring I get.

    Yes, I know how the spotlight scores work.

    You can play them as much as you want, have no fear. The spotlight scores merely track the highest score that anyone on our team has gotten during that week. It is impossible for them to go down, they can only go up or stay the same.

    As a strategy, it is not good to play them over and over - unless you think you have a chance to beat the posted score. All songs have experience decay built in. So it is best to play every song that qualifies in your library once and then keep going and doing it the second time, rather than play the same song over and over.

    Spotlight scores count for half of our total and total experience counts for half. I lost a lot of experience trying to beat my Rock N Roll Band by Boston score. I restarted many times, which gives no experience. And even when I finished I only got a few experience points because I had played it over 10 times and was only getting 10% of the experience by that time. But it was important to try since I hadn't gotten 100% and improving our spotlight standing was necessary if we were to have a chance to move up.
  • Gotcha, thanks!
  • Xbox live is down for me. Planned to play a lot this final day. Really disappointed at the timing of this.

    I checked the internet and it seems like I am not the only one with trouble...
  • I had issues too, but we still made bloodstone!
  • I played up until the midnight hour and we barely got promoted with a sad 71.

    I haven't seen Snifulls play in a few weeks and haven't seen Jayou in ages.

    I know Notplayer2 has a medical issue.

    It's a good thing Count Waesche drummed those 2 non-disc songs. Even though the scores were not stellar, we would not have had any chance to be promoted without them.

    I was so happy to see Dark Prince showed up and gave us great Guitar and Bass scores (as usual). We had gone over 5 days looking at the sad scores Slayer and I were able to put up on the non-disc Guitar and Bass songs.
  • I even bit the bullet and bought that Violent Femmes song, which I intend to never, ever play But yeah, this week just seemed everything conspired against us, but we prevailed.... Hehe. Now to concentrate on the next step.....
  • A big kudos to theinnocence, who actually alerted me that those songs needed scores, otherwise I was going to skip them!
  • dlleweldllewel Unsigned
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    Congrats you guys on promoting! Sounds like you worked hard for it. :)
  • nystargatenystargate Unsigned
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    It seems we have an opening. One of our members hasn't played in months.

    We have been short on experience these past weeks.

    We are in Diamond currently and should have a good chance to get to Bloodstone this week. We have gotten there the last 2 seasons.

    So if you are interested in joining post here with your xbox live gamertag and I will send you an invite.

    What are the requirements? Basically, just that you try and play almost every week.

    We have the spotlights covered pretty well. Could most use a guitarist who can gold star the very hardest songs. Or a gold star drummer who wants to buy all of the spotlight songs.

    Since those people are pretty rare, we will accept anybody who plays the game on a regular basis.

    EDIT: Looks like our wayward member has retuned. So we are not so desperate for a new member (I took the recruitment notice out of the title again). But two of our people play a lot less than the others, so I would still be open to hearing about new people who want to join that play regularly for decent amounts of exp...
  • Yeah, this is not my Don't have much material to work with this time around, but what I have I'll play. Doesn't help its college finals week!
  • We have some players that rarely play anymore.

    So, if anybody is out there that plays pretty regularly - we would be interested in having you join.

    It doesn't matter what instrument you play or how good you are. It just matters that you are dedicated to playing The thing we need most is experience points.

    Post here and let us know your xbox gamertag and we will send you an invite.

    We are currently ranked #40 in rivals points this season. In the current weekly challenge we are #24 in spotlight and #48 in experience. Would really like to get our experience to be as high as our spotlight rank one of these days...
  • CountWaescheCountWaesche Opening Act
    Working on it!
  • We have 2 spots open currently

    Hopefully there are some dedicated Rock Band players out there who want to join.

    Post here and let us know.
  • No spots open right now.

    Looks like we have a chance to make Bloodstone this week.

    Let's make the push.

    If somebody using the app sees this, please put a message on the app that we should push this week.

    Our 10th member has been incapacitated by a medical issue and is not expected to be healed for a few months. He used to get the most experience for us most weeks. So we need to pick him up until he is recovered.

    Our newest additions are doing great!
  • Congratulations to us!

    Promoted to Bloodstone on this the second week.

    Our newest members saved our bacon or else we would have had to wait until next week.

    Currently #28 overall in seasonal points.
  • Finished at #25 overall for the season, not bad at all.

    I think we will do a little better next season since we will get our 2 newest members for the full season this time (they joined in middle of last season).

    Has anybody heard from Inocense? I was surprised he didn't play at all last week. And hasn't played much since the new people joined.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see Notplayer1 played a few songs. I thought he wouldn't be well enough to play until a few months from now. I hope he is not playing against doctor's orders...
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