Rock Band Blitz Xbox 360 Price Error (Updated 10/2/17)

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Blitz update! For those of you who purchased the game before it expired, it works on 360 again. When booting the game on Xbox 360, the soundtrack again prompts. It's also properly free rather than $100. That soundtrack is currently the item that allows for accessing the tracks in Rock Band 4. We're still working on tying the game itself to the Xbox One songs (so you don't need a 360 to export the songs to 4), but beyond that, everything works as desired now!

Hey everyone,

As several of you have noticed, Rock Band Blitz's soundtrack asks for a CRISP $99.99 to download these last couple weeks. That's, obviously, silly and wrong. It happened automatically when we made the soundtrack offer visible on the web in order to remove the last-gen console requirement for bringing the songs into Rock Band 4. After some investigation, we've discovered it cannot be fixed in its current state. So, we're reverting the visibility back to hidden while we take it back to the drawing board.

What does that mean for you? Not as much as you might think!

1. You own the game and soundtrack.

You've got your content. None of this affects you! Hooray!

2. You own the game, but not the soundtrack.

DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THE SOUNDTRACK. $99.99 is ridiculous and unnecessary. When the offer is again hidden, those of you with access to Blitz can prompt the soundtrack for $0.00 as intended. Those of you without access to Blitz who want the songs in 4 will have to wait a bit longer while we adjust things on the back-end to help carry those forward. You own the game, so the game expiration is a non-factor. If you mashed your way to a $99.99 charge, please contact Xbox Support for a refund.

3. You don't own the game.
  • What the heck! Go pick it up! It's expiring REAL SOON (the 28th!) and it's $14.99 for 25 songs that, while staying as DLC singles, will cost you at least $50 to fully acquire later. AND it's a full game if you still own a last-gen console! The $14.99 item is the only one you need to buy prior to the expiration. It is not going to come back, and the songs will not be discounted to 'price-match' the Blitz bundle.
We're sorry about the timing of this whole situation, but key to note is:
  • No one needs to overspend to acquire content.
  • No one needs to overspend to not worry about the expiration.
  • The only current difference is that when Xbox 360 owners buy Blitz for $14.99, the 25 songs are likely to have a delay on delivery. This is ok even though the game expires soon.
Thanks for reading, and for your patience with this error.


  • II_IronII_Iron Opening Act
    I bought this yesterday from the XBOX web store. Would this be why my tracks aren't available for RB4?
  • an1m051tyan1m051ty Rising Star
    Will there be a sort of announcement when this issue is resolved? I still have my 360 but it is a pain to hook back up every couple of days to see if I can download the soundtrack (in order to then export the songs to RB4).
  • II_IronII_Iron Opening Act
    I purchased before it expired but I can't seem to figure out how to download it on my 360 and export it?
  • @II_Iron If you don't care about the game itself and just want the songs in RB4, go to your ready to install as all 25 songs should be there as of today according to this post:

    If you actually want to play the game then you have to go into your download history on your 360 and download the game from there.
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