September 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Wake Me Up When This Overused Joke Ends


  • I wouldn't complain about that week. I actually like Birds (took a few listens).
  • It's got a helluva bassline.
  • What is the name of this pop song with a funky bassline and the band is playing on a dark background illuminated by neon lights? A girl is the singer.

    I can't remember who plays it, only the video.
  • I wish you meant Black Sheep.
  • They lost me with the Heartbreak Station album, though I do like the song. I've never even heard Still Climbing.

    You probably would like Still Climbing if you like the first two albums; it is straight up hard rock.

    The country tinge in most of Heartbreak Station is not normally my thing, but they are good songs; I just only need 10 or 15 minutes of that style at a time, so I rarely listen to it start to finish at once.
  • Great playing with you all this month guys!

    Enjoy Burnin' For You. And if you like Shawn Mendes, the vocals on There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back are at least kinda good.

    Three more of these to go for the year, mods :p
  • Summer has come and passed
    The innocent can never last
    Wake me up when this thread ends

    *Jigglypuff woke up!!*
  • And scene.
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