Let Me Write You Terrible Poetry



  • There's a guy with a chicken costume in the last video of Dying Fetus
  • @MythsOfMetal sorry about the delay.

    Spongebob Goes Metal

    Mr. Li came up and smiled at me,
    I was backstage in the VIP,
    I said this was my first time,
    And needed more,
    He showed me how to settle the score.

    I'm so busy, I learnt what I need,
    My skills were unlocked, I was freed,
    At the gig, ready to crush it in the pit,
    Going round in circles as we see fit.

    Sometimes the little things,
    Are just enough,
    Rockin' out with the crowd,
    Will keep me buff,
    I surfed all the way to stage,
    And it wasn't so tough.

    I began to shred with Mr. Li,
    Even though my axe was air and free,
    I felt so lucky I was on the stage,
    Even though the band performed with rage,
    I thought it would last all night,
    As I raised the horns to salute in might,
    Mr Simmons said "I own that, so that's not alright".
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