Iron Maiden VS. Queen

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Wich of these two bands do you prefer and why ?

Iron Maiden VS. Queen 19 votes

Iron Maiden
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  • Queen
    Kind of a random pairing, no?

    I chose Queen, prefer a lot more of their songs, their arena rock tunes are so iconic. We will Rock You/We are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls etc. Also enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody, and so many more.

    Run to the Hills is great but never got much into Iron Maiden.
  • While a lot of bands are usually "Jukebok" that keep repeating the same classic Hits over and over again, Iron Maiden don't fall into these kind of "Hits" bands. Even today after a long career they are still consistent and create amazing masterpiece. Iron Maiden is not only Run to the Hills, The Trooper etc. Indeed, they have a great discography with a lot of good album, try to listen these songs :

    - Phantom of the Opera
    - Remember Tomorrow
    - Prodigal Son
    - Children of the Damned
    - Where Eagles Dare
    - Flight of Icarus
    - To Tame a Land
    - Powerslave
    - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    - Sea of Madness
    - Alexender the Great
    - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Entire album)
    - No Prayer for the Dying
    - Mother Russia
    - Sign of the Cross
    - The Edge of Darkness
    - Afraid to Shoot Strangers
    - For the Greater Good of God
    - Childhood End
    - Journeyman
    - These colours don't Run
    - The Legacy
    - The Talisman
    - When the wild wind Blows
    - The Book of Souls
    - The Great Uknown
    - If Eternity should Fail
    - The Red and the Black
    - Empire of the Clouds
    And so many more...
  • Queen
    This is actually hard and somewhat comparable in an arena-scope sense: I love so many more Iron Maiden albums front-to-back than I do Queen's discography, but when it comes down to some of my favorite songs of all time I could come up with three or four albums worth of Queen songs that I could play like a billion times over even my favorite Iron Maiden albums (which are also like my favorite albums of all time, mind!), and for me that matters just a little more. With all due respect to Iron Maiden and the fact that they're still killing it as a band, I can't take away the fact that I want to belt out along with Freddie songs from Tie Your Mother Down to The Show Must Go On.
  • Iron Maiden
    Maiden is more fun in game. Queen might be better for singing, but maiden is better everywhere else.
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