Can there be any clarification on crew bonuses?

This is in response to the "Electric Boogaloo" conversation that never quite got resolved.

Our crew and many other crews have noticed that they are getting 2nd and 3rd play bonus notices when the individual has never played the song... on any instrument.

Is it a glitch? Is it still working on crew plays, and not individuals? To make matters worse, it's hard to compare notes because the report is sometimes a song behind.

So, can we get a confirmation that it is per individual, per instrument? Even @HMXOwl and @HMXJosh gave conflicting reports that never seemed to be confirmed one way or the other.


  • It's working same as before the news it'd change
  • HMXOwl said:

    It's working same as before the news it'd change

    I know I'm supposed to read this and understand, but I can't. What does this mean?

    edited September 2017

    This is just not working. This is no longer a visual glitch. The new bonus system and decay is actually taking XP away compared to before. Prior we were getting 3 crew play bonuses per song per instrument to be used across the crew. Twelve possible bonuses per song. Now we are getting 3 crew play bonuses per song regardless of instrument so as an individual you can't even play a song once on each instrument with bonus.

    This has been confirmed in our crew when a person who did spotlight on G and B later played the song on drums for the first time. He received 50 XP per play (four plays) and checked the XP accumulation in the app after each. He did indeed get 50 per play with no bonuses.

    This is especially detrimental to those with small libraries as well as people who do multiple spotlight instruments. Whether or not this was intended I'm not sure. If it was then that's pretty lame and should have been better explained instead of making everyone think this was better (because it isn't). If it wasn't intended then it is broken and no longer a glitch we can simply ignore.
  • I completely Agree. Also why was this put in rock band support? To make way for the song guessing posts? I know it's easier to ignore the issue, but broken is broken. Please fix or advise us on what is the correct way to earn xp please.
  • The lack of support in rock band support is depressing.
  • A new challenge week has started and I would really like an answer so I know how to deal with xp. Any hoot would be appreciated.
  • this glitch has been pissing me off for a while now and you guys at wc have said everything I've wanted to say about it. I hope this gets fixed before I lose my f***ING mind over it
  • Try gold starring Jesus of suburbia for a whopping 300 xp on drums. It's all kinds of broken.
  • 11 days later, no response from Harmonix.

    Many people are still having the same issues. Can we please have someone say that it definitely should be three plays per person no matter what instrument they are on, or admit that it's not working as intended and should be 3 plays per person per instrument?

    It looks like 4 crews have figured it out (adjusted) and everyone else is waaay below in xp on the current leaderboards. This does not show an equal playing field for all.
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