Expansion pack questions / Any heads up where to find them now?

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I've ordered the Pop (Derby) and EDM (Astro) packs from Walmart and should get them in a couple days, but I can't seem to find the Rock (Ouroboros) and Hip Hop (Mirrors) packs available anywhere now. Am I also correct in that these packs will always have the same cards inside each? (Ex: not having to buy multiple Pop packs to get them all)

Then there's the Discovery Series 1 and 2 sets which from what I can tell are different card sets than the ones I listed above, right? I see on this HMX site where they list buying them as a complete set, but haven't been able to locate them for purchase anywhere yet. Have also heard that while they're different solo packs, you won't have to blind buy in person as you can tell by the top card what's included within. (if you own the top card, you should have the rest)

I'd rather just buy the whole series if I can, but least I wouldn't be doubling up buying individually if I can them find in a store. I'm just afraid of not being able to find certain packs, and buying online at other retailer would suck as you never know which one they'd send you.


  • The only place I've seen anything is target, but I haven't looked anywhere else. I found the Rock, Electronica, and Pop playlist sets, and one lone sad discovery pack.

    The awesome thing about Dropmix is that as far as I can tell, there's no blind BS -card packs will always have the same cards in them, even the discovery packs. You can tell the discovery packs apart by the card artwork they show on the front. There do not appear to be duplicate cards, either, though I could be wrong on that.
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    Yea, I think I've got it all down now. Was easier to decipher once I got the game in my hands, though my Target only had the game and no extra cards. Found Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop online and should get them soon, but I'm still on the lookout for Rock and the various Discovery packs.
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    Funny that EDM was the first one I found and ordered online at Walmart, but now I've got Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop in my hands but the EDM pack went missing and is now on backorder with no ship date in sight. Still no sign of the Series 1 and 2 packs yet aside from buying them blind from Best Buy (which won't even ship until Oct 6)

    I need them now!!!!
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    Targets are either not putting all of their stock out at once, or getting a decent amount of new stock in quickly. The target that I saw that had one sad discovery pack on Tuesday afternoon had been restocked by today, and I was able to get three more series 1 discovery packs, and the Rock Playlist Pack that I was missing.

    Depending on how far you're willing to drive, brickseek.com will tell you which Targets have it in stock and who is selling it. There is no target that's less than a 40 minute drive from me selling any kind of dropmix stock, but I like to drive, so it didn't bother me too much to go out scouting.
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    Didn't even think of using them for this. My local stores don't have any but a Target near where I'll be tomorrow looks to have 2 variations of Discovery master packs, so I'm crossing my fingers for that.
  • I ordered the Discovery packs online, here: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HSC3411A

    It says they're a pre-order, but there's a package in transit that arrives on Saturday.
  • smith186 said:

    I ordered the Discovery packs online, here: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HSC3411A

    It says they're a pre-order, but there's a package in transit that arrives on Saturday.

    Do you know for sure that these are the complete sets, or are they sending 6x random packs of each series?
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    smith186 said:

    I ordered the Discovery packs online, here: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HSC3411A

    It says they're a pre-order, but there's a package in transit that arrives on Saturday.

    That would be awesome if it was all 12. Thankfully, I've already completed my set of everything that's currently available now. Have had good luck with Target's, but prepare to go to several of them.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    Can someone help me understand the significance of the Discovery packs? I get the playlist packs because it's a "full" set.

    I understand the Discovery packs to be essentially a sample of several different genres and in fairness they are all new/different cards, but what do I do with these?

    Can I exchange the Discovery pack cards with another playlist or does the Discovery Pack make a playlist? Is it strictly just for the free styling aspect/mode of this game?

    Can someone please broaden my understanding?

    Thank you!

    Side note... pretty excited to hear Target has these packs in stock in some cases. Will definitely have to check!
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    Wow, are these things just impossible to find?

    At the very least they are online. Hasbro's store only has one playlist pack in stock the rest aren't even listed. Target only has the base game. Walmart lists most things but only through a third party seller, if it's even in stock. Amazon is also third party seller and the Discover packs are 3x the price and random only. That EntertainmentEarth site listed earlier is out of stock or "preorder" plus they wanna charge $20 shipping.

    I finally played the game with some friends over the weekend and we really enjoyed it. I'd love to get some more songs/cards, just didn't realize I'd have to grope in the dark and drive around to random Targets/Walmarts to do so...

    @joseph5185 You can swap out cards in your decks to make custom decks. If you click the collection button in game, there's a deck builder where you can drop a stack of cards on the device and it'll tell you if it's a legal deck. Needs to be 15 cards and max of 40 (I think) levels (double that for a 1v1 deck). White and rainbow cards also cost more than the on-card level. Other than that, a deck can have cards from any expansion.
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    Hey @andyscout,

    Yea. I think I'm on board now. The Discovery Packs have 5 cards each which coincidentally there are 5 slots so you get exactly one mix. It's really cool that you can build your own deck and even validate it.

    I wanted to provide a heads up that if there are any Best Buys near you that the ones around me are making the claim that the Series 1 Discovery packs will be available for pick up meaning in stock this Friday. May want to check if this is the same for you.

    The game is still pretty new and I expect production and shipment is still continuing to ramp up.

    Side note: I never thought I would care about Freestyle, but after hearing how cool some stuff sounds you are just so intrigued to try and so I did and made a couple that I think are awesome. It's really fun that you can adjust the tempo/BPM as well as the key/pitch which REALLY impacts the overall sound.

    I also just realized that the wild cards will only bring in the instruments that are associated with the colored slot it's placed into AND the slots do not care about the color condition when playing freestyle.

    Hope it helps!
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    Can someone help me understand the significance of the Discovery packs? I get the playlist packs because it's a "full" set.

    While they do give you a variety of genres, if you get all 12 of the currently available Discovery packs it will be the equivalent of creating and finishing 4 new playlist packs.

  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    Well 4 Best Buys later, I now have 7/12 Discovery Packs.

    4 of Season 1
    3 of Season 2

    They are indeed hard to find and I had to ask employees at multiple stores to check the back/warehouse and only a couple packs were available.

    Will continue to hunt...
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    toysrus had a full set of Discovery. my wallet isn't happy.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    I went to another Best Buy the same morning they got a shipment in and had exactly 3 (2 of which I had).

    So I'm up to 8/12, but I cannot believe Best Buy stores are literally getting three additional packs.
    That is so little.
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    Hey, I finally got the game!
    I figured by now the expansion packs would either be on clearance or impossible to find. It sounds like the situation is, I shouldn't bother to wait for deals, buy up whatever I find. I still need to do some research (print out a spreadsheet?) to make sure I don't buy any packs that duplicate other packs. I'm still a bit confuses as to what all the options are. It is true that there are several different Discovery Packs [different art on the front of each] + several different themed packs [by genre? or by non-descriptive keywords (Astro, Ouroboros, Derby)?] and that there is no duplication of cards in the different types?
  • I see a few deals on eBay. All the Discovery packs for both series 1 and series 2 for under $50. Perfect? Or too good to be true? Still researching.

    I put in an online order to GameStop hoping to get the new promo Transformers card but surely they are all out already. I see this single card going for about $30 on eBay. Hah. That cartoon came out when I was already too old for cartoons, I've never seen a single episode. It would be cool to own but nowhere near $30 worth of cool.
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    There's a great lack of information on the game. Especially here in France — it's just out in Europe since december.

    I found the game and the 4 playlist packs easily, but the discovery packs are another story. It's nowhere to be found and if it's already hard to find in the US, I bet it'll be nearly impossible here.
  • Look on amazon for the discovery packs
  • dschnides said:

    Look on amazon for the discovery packs

    But only go for the deal that gives you one copy of each. The ones that are selling single packs are a random crap shoot on what you get and you may get lots of duplicates.

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