Dropmix button rule question/glitch

So it seems like sometimes if a player hits the dropmix button and gets to clear multiple slots that they lose a point along with their opponent in clash mode. I need to test it a few more times but my wife and i were noticing this last night. Is that suppose to happen?


  • Hm, this shouldn't be happening, only your opponent should lose a point per stack cleared. I can pass this along, though.
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    I thought i just replicated it but i need to test a few more times to make sure. Seems to be when 3 or so slots are cleared that have multiple cards on each
  • Android app on a galaxy tab s3 btw
  • Ok so last night i think i figured out what might be causing this to happen. It only seems to happen when we need to remove 3 or so slots of cards that all have a few cards on each and we do it kind of quickly. If i remove them slowly, like clear one slot and wait a couple sec then the next one etc we never had the issue. But if i clear all 3 quickly it seems to take 2 points from one one person and the 3rd from the person that actually hit the dropmix.
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