Experiencing Dropmix deck connection issues now. (iPhone 8+)

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Got the game a few days ago and it worked fine with my old iPhone 6 and also still works with a friends 7+, but I just upgraded my phone yesterday to the iPhone 8+ and for some reason it doesn't want to connect to the board. Just endless searching. (latest firmware, all updated, bluetooth on etc) Could be ios11 issue as the older phone hasn't been updated yet.

Horrible timing as I just got my first 2 expansion decks in! :p


  • The only problem I've had with my iphone 8 is that everything stops working when I receive a phone call, and I have to close the app an reopen for it to work. Mine's a regular 8 and not a plus though, so mileage may vary.
  • Have the same issue with my Nexus 6P. My girlfriend's iPhone 6 connects with no problem, but my Nexus just hangs there unable to sync even though it shows up as an available device when I'm looking at the bluetooth settings.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    No issues here.
    iPhone 7 (Verizon...if that helps - probably doesn't)

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