Jimmy's GH-to-RB Tiers: Round 2



  • -Mother
    The second solo bumps this up on guitar, and it sounds like a fun song on pretty much everything.

    -Anna Molly
    This sounds even more fun on everything, though probably borderline hair-pulling on drums.

    Yeah, this band reminds me a lot of L7 in particular. Neat song.

    -Coming of Age
    Guys, these are all nice songs and all, but I'd appreciate a little less of the "2-3 on instruments, devils on vocals" variety.

    I've already tiered this before, and I feel like I pretty much nailed it. Of course, vocals and drums are gimmes, but... still.

    -Nuvole e Lenzuola
    This was one of the songs in World Tour I just kinda glossed over. Maybe I shouldn't have; it sounds really cool.
  • I got skipped... :'(

    Elbow - Grounds for Divorce (GHL)
    Kent - Vinternoil2 (GHWT)

  • Bad Brains - Re-Ignition (GH: WoR)
    The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night (GH:A)
  • @FritzyKatz I think he's just doing five or six at a time bud
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    Compared to @LiveHomeVideo's tier of "Coming of Age", it looks like you guys only agreed on drums, whereas you thought guitar and bass were easier and vocals were harder than she thought. Interesting, regardless. In her defense, she thought that some of the keyboard patterns would be charted to guitar in the verses (where guitar seems to be absent), therefore bumping up an otherwise easier chart. You may have just envisioned exclusively guitar in the chart and nothing else. The Bully tier looks about right. Vocals are very clearly the star of that song, with pretty basic instrumentation. Despite some noticeable gaps on guitar during the verses, what's there sounds enjoyable for a 1-dot and there's even a solo to make up for it. I'd probably bump drums up a dot, but it's not a big deal.

    Next, take the iconic meme song that was in GH80s, and another Aerosmith gem.

    Aerosmith - "Draw the Line" (GH:A)
    Limozeen - Because, It's Midnite (GH80s)
  • A pair:
    21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson (GH5)
    Gor-Gor by GWAR (GH5)
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    "Them Bones" comparison

    Unfortunately, only guitar is spot-on, with drums and vocals being a dot off and bass being two dots off. 5 dots for bass is way too high, honestly; having it higher than guitar seems pretty errant since I was able to FC it on a sightread. Guitar, I think, deserves the highest tier on this song, and even then it's not super difficult outside of one brief part of the solo. Drums were also nothing too difficult, and I think a 3 suits them just fine.

    Here's the two-way comparison with you and @FritzyKatz. You tiered everything a dot higher than him, except for guitar, which everyone agreed on being 4 dots.
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    Another song from this thread was just confirmed for November, with "Play That Funky Music"! The comparison will be posted when the time comes.
  • Alright. I'm back. Time to finally do these... but before I do, I'm going to have to say that with the exception of Grounds for Divorce, I won't be tiering any more songs from Live. GHTV is still fair game, but Live's setlist is just... awful, with few exceptions. Maybe I'll tier the songs from it I actually like as a bonus sometime.
  • -Grounds for Divorce
    One of the songs from Live I actually like, how about that? Unfortunately, it's probably nothing too special to play.

    Why does so much good stuff come from Sweden? It's a pretty small country, are they just... that good at everything?

    I wasn't actually sure where the live version in GH:WoR was from, so I just tiered the studio version. Great song either way.

    -All Day and All of the Night
    I'll admit, I... don't really like classic pop-rock like this. It's an alright song, but I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it.

    -Because, It's Midnite
    This isn't devils on guitar for the same reason We Built This City shouldn't be devils. Also, that's a keys solo and shouldn't really even be charted to guitar, but... shut up.

    -21st Century Schizoid Man
    Is it bad I think this album cover is funny?

    Remember when this was in Kids Next Door and they changed the lyrics to be about a mutant sandwich? Fun times.

    I'll get to Draw the Line and Pretty Pimpin next time around.
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    "Play That Funky Music" comparison

    Overall, not too shabby outside of vocals, which you've stated yourself you don't like tiering anyway, so that discrepancy makes sense in your case. Outside of the three-dot vocal difference, guitar is spot-on, while drums and bass are a dot off. Even though I was able to FC the song on vocals, I can't judge vocal difficulty for others that well since I've FCed nearly all of my RB library on vocals and it comes naturally to me. In itself, I can see the vocal chart throwing people off, but if you know the song well enough it's not too hard to get through. I noticed a lot of the vocal phrases were kind of "cushioned" with talkies, though, which allows for a bit of leeway if you're slightly off with the singing. However, since Harmonix removed freestyle vocals on recent DLC, this may pose a bit more of a challenge. In any case, it's definitely higher than a 3.

    Here's the two-way comparison with you and @FritzyKatz. Vocals discrepancy aside, everyone was pretty much on the same page here, which is refreshing to see.
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