RB4 Rivals: Current State and a Question about Mics

Hello, guys! New player to be here. How is the current state for Rivals? I mean, is it easy to find players to play currently?
I just bought the guitar, waiting for it to arrive.

Another question: I have a Dazz Naja 7.1 Black headset which has a mic(of course). Can I use its mic to sing in the game? It worked on Party Chat on PSN. I have credits to buy the game on PSN, just waiting for confirmation on the mic to buy it right away.


PS: My user pic is from BGS 2015.


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    If by finding players you mean for online matchmaking then such a feature doesn't exist and is currently invite only, so unless you have friends who also own the game or make friends with people who also own the game the your best bet is asking people around here or reddit.

    If you're talking specifically about how easy it is to find players for a crew then that shouldn't be hard, it seems like there are always people looking.

    Unfortunately for you PSN doesn't have clubs or the LFG feature that XBL has that are near essential for these things if you don't already know of people to play with.
  • You can also use the (think they are called communities ) on PSN. That's how I found most of my friend list and my current crew. So i play online every so often.

    I would think your headset would work as an in-game microphone? But i'm not 100% sure so don't take my word.
  • Well, PSN has the communities feature, and I can join many games with it, such as OW and Paladins when my friends are playing. I guess it may be easy to find RB4 communities on it too.

    Thanks for the replies, guys!
  • You can find a crew by downloading and using the rock band app I believe.
  • I don't use a headset, but I assume if it works in other areas of the PS4, it should suffice for RB4. Just be aware if you are in chat during the game, they will hear you sing if you don't mute yourself in the chat menu, if that concerns you. PSN communities is definitely a great option, but don't forget the Rivals board. You can start there if you want to join a crew. Good luck and enjoy the new features! Watch out for disappearing overdrive in online vocals though, it's been plaguing me a lot lately.
  • If the mic works for Party Chat, it should work in Rock Band.
  • Yup, the mic worked, tested it a few days ago.
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