Rock Band Diaries! Share Your Stories as Rock Band Turns 10!

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HMXJosh said:

Take a look at a calendar. What's today, Tuesday? Okay, start counting backwards, a day at a time. Count back three thousand, six hundred, and twelve days. You should be looking at November 20th, 2007. That's when Rock Band came out. Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

If we counted forward instead of backward from today, we're only 41 days away from our tenth anniversary. Ten years of Rock Band! It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks, Rock Band will be in the double digits. Rock Band isn’t just a game that we’ve made, it’s in our DNA. It’s been featured in South Park, The Office, and many other shows. We got to work with The Beatles! There was a reality show on VH1 hosted by Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach. Some DLC tracks sold more in the Rock Band Music Store than they did on iTunes. As a franchise that has seen over 10 million players over the years, who have collectively earned more stars than there are in the Milky Way, we know there are some great tales to be told, and as part of our 10-year celebration, we want to hear all of them.

Whether you've been with us since the beginning or joined us with Rock Band 4, we know everyone has a Rock Band story worth sharing. Some are heartfelt, some are hilarious, and all of them are important to us.

Remember when you met your now-significant other at a Rock Band party, and now you're happily married with two kids and a dog that chewed up your guitar headstock? We want to hear about it. How about Rock Band teaching you the basics of drumming, which encouraged you to buy a full kit, which in turn led you to be the kickass drummer for a real band? We want to hear about that, too. What about that time you broke a lamp in the hotel that you brought Rock Band because you didn't want to be without it over PAX weekend, and you told the front desk it was broken when you checked in? Yeah, that’s up our alley too.

It doesn't matter if your story happened ten years ago or last week. Whether your instruments have been in the closet for a while or you still rock out every week: if it was important to you and it involved Rock Band, we want to hear about it. Send us videos, pictures, audio recordings, or huge walls of text about what Rock Band means to you, and we'll feature some of our favorites over the coming months.

The email address to send them to is [email protected]. We’ll be picking a few from each category to create some highlights that we’ll be sharing with the whole community as we fill out our diary over the next few months. We really hope to see your story on these pages.


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    Thanks for the opp! I know it's not a time we like to mention to much these days, but I have some stories from the Nord/Lachesis glory days I'd love to share.
  • bdd74 said:

    I'm very thankful for Rockband. I'm thankful for the friends I've met and all the joys it has brought me. It's been a great escape tool and allows me to be someone else while forgetting about my flaws including my mental illness. Rock band isn't my cure ,but it has brought me much joy in my darkest of days. I can't think of a game I've enjoyed more or invested in financially than Rock Band and I'll support this game forever. Thank you Harmonix for bringing some joy into my life. My only regret is not exporting Lego, but I hope the future brings many Lego rewind songs. :) Happy 10th Birthday Rock Band and here's to many more.

    Like, like a hundred times.
  • Cheers, Hogan.
  • You can use this rant in your official stories if you want, and/or I'll email it to you....

    As with MistressDeviant, I've got a disability that gets in the way of playing RB - Although I'm glad I can move my fingers... in 2006, I lost most of my voice due to a surgery.

    Never thought I would be a fan of this game, first time was with the original version (2009-ish) and one of my friends introduced me to the game after learning that I had a liking towards TapTap Revenge. She had me (attempt) to play the bass part on REM's "Losing My Religion". Which was fail. She then took the bass and put me on vox in a desperate attempt to save the band, and interestingly, despite having almost no voice, I got something around 4 stars hard with the song.

    Then I started caring about non-TapTap rhythm games when the former folded in a saga of managerial incompetence. This happened right about when Disney Fantasia came out, so you probably know where things went from there.

    Meanwhile, the plot gets way more intricate than it should when medical science finally figures out a new surgery to reverse whatever that first surgery did to my voice. After becoming bionic boy, I could finally talk in a fashion where my voice actually could carry across a room, which was not always enjoyed by my co-workers. And it turns out that the manufacturer of this silly Fantasia game was coming out with a new product, "Rock Band 4". Hmm. Sounds familiar.

    The rest is history as I find myself in the top 100 for total vox stars earned, 2 years later.

    What's well always ends well. Thank you Harmonix for giving us vocalists an outlet to well, shout it all out after a long and hard day at work, school, family, and everything else. You have tens of thousands of users willing to stick with you through the thick and thin, and I hope you can continue to Make [Keep] Rock Band Fun.

    ETA: By the way, the vocal therapist who helped me recover from my bionic surgeries told me that Rock Band was working a lot better than her own boring vocal exercises.

    You have no idea how big my smile was reading this. So proud and happy for you :)
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    Happy anniversary RB and happy Diwali!
  • Long story short. I've been an avid fan of HMX's games since early 2004. I can recall that each time I played the very first iteration of each of their storied franchises for the first time, I felt pure joy and was giddy for the first song. Playing Rock Band with my friends for the first time as a band 10 years ago was no exception.

    Cheers HMX, and here is hoping we have more Rock Band goodness to come long into the future.
  • @wh1t3kn1te -- I see I'm not the only one who sees RB as a form of therapy!

  • Wow has it only been 10 years? Seems like its been around a lot longer!

    How I got introduced to it was I was over at a friends place and they had this game called Guitar Hero. Cant remember if it was the 1st or 2nd one. I check it out. It was fun enough except I did not care for the controller. I found it very hard to keep track of where my fingers were on the frets.

    Around the same time my friend picked up this new game called Rock Band. It was like Guitar Hero, only you could play drums, bass and sing as well! Best of all, I found out the RB guitar controllers had smaller solo frets.... and so I would be able to keep track of where my fingers were. That one design detail is what got me hooked on Rock Band.

    So I end up getting the game for Xbox 360. My buddy had it on the PS3. I have great memories of us playing songs trying to get better and better, finding cool new DLC and showing off how well we could do.

    One thing I really loved about Rock Band was how it introduced me to artists I would otherwise never have heard of..... Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Paramore, In This Moment..... so many of them.

    Then of course the Rock Band parties! Have so many great memories of getting together with friends or relatives for a couple of hours just having fun being rock stars.

    So thanks for the 10 years of great music and memories Harmonix! Here's hoping for another 10!
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    I had a step-uncle, who I'll call Jim to be safe, who was pretty immature for his age, with all honesty. He hung out with some weird friends that he had, I believe, kept from high school. They were all crazy people, but they were also nice.
    They got Rock Band almost as soon as it came out. Jim and his buddies had played Guitar Hero up until Rock Band came out, so they were loyal Harmonix fans.
    I will never forget the day my parents and I went over to Jim's house to hang out and play some good ol' Rock Band. I heard the game going from outside the house, and when Jim let us in, we were met with the most ridiculous scene in human history. Jim's friend was in the living room, sitting down to play the drums while wearing a guitar around his neck and having a microphone duct-taped to the top of his head. We watched him for the last two minutes of the song while simultaneously thinking "wow, this guy has some guts" and "wow, this guy is an absolute idiot." He couldn't even play the drums and guitar at the same time. To watch him try was just pitiful. Then this guy got up, with that enormous amount of duct-tape strapped around his face, and checked out his score. Believe it or not, he survived the song, and I don't know how that's physically possible when I'm pretty sure he only had two hands.
    Jim got my parents and I hooked on Rock Band, and we've bought most of the instalments. We've invested more in the games than a healthy amount. As of now, we've formed a three-member crew and gotten to Bloodstone for the first two seasons. My father plays bass, my mother sings and drums, and I'm a jack-of-all-trades.
    Ten years ago, I started out on vocals. I drummed every now and then, but it took me a long time to move from medium to hard on both. I eventually got up the courage to start working on my guitar skills, which was a gateway to bass. When pro-keys came out on Rock Band 3, I sadly only made it to medium, despite by real-life percussion skills. Currently, I can play every other instrument on expert, with guitar being my favorite of them.
    I hope my family never lets the Rock Band tradition fade away, and I really hope that Rock Band will live continue to be supported. I'd love to keep the game alive as long as I can. For now, that means giving my all to my crew.
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    I keep rereading Lexy's post, reflexively thinking it's a riddle to solve.
  • Der_Lex said:

    People looking for MORE meaning in my words than is actually present will never fail to aMUSE me.


    I don't get it. :(
  • Throwing Muses confirmed.
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