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    Throwing Muses confirmed.

    I’d prefer them to Muse tbh
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    edited December 2017
    I was always into music games even going back to Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania. For whatever reason, I couldn't figure out rhythmically how to play Konami's Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania. Guitar Hero 1 came in and that all changed. I was getting into music that I once thought I would never get into. Fast forward to Rock Band 1 coming out and here's a whole new world of music that I'm being introduced to. I still didn't have a knack for drums but I was finally doing the more difficult charts on guitar on expert. It wasn't until recently that it clicked for me how to drum better. I still mess up, but I can now go in at least on hard and enjoy myself playing.

    I would really like to thank you for including the more pop songs into the game. My cousin is a singer who leans more towards R&B, ballads, and pop, so having her be able to play a "ROCK" game with us is always awesome. A majority of the time I used to purchase songs that I solely like. Lately I've been getting songs with others in mind so that they have to something that they'd like to play along to. I haven't played much with my family lately, but I've had my church group (ranging from 13-26) play the game and be blown away by the library that I've acquired, especially those that already enjoy the game but don't have their own copy and never knowing that the songs existed in the game. One of the young adults (26) can practically sing anything, while another (19) was someone that I figured was good at gaming but had no idea was amazing at drums. Playing with them relit my love for the game as I was, again, playing songs that I normally wouldn't play on my own.

    As all music is concerned, I strongly believe that you guys have made a game that will indefinitely transcend time.
  • I Bought an Xbox 360 strictly for my girlfriend cuz her brother had Rock Band and she loved it.. So I bought the system and got her the RB2 band in a box.. I didn't "get it" at first - thought it was pretty stupid.. Then I started playing, and within a few sessions, I was hooked.. I quickly bought the original and RB3 soon after.. Then AC/DC, Lego and Green Day.. Then my DLC obsession started.. I was pretty bummed when I learned DLC was gonna stop.. I figured the game was finished.

    Fast forward to years later.. I just so happened to be home sick from work the day the news dump of RB4 came out.. I musta spent 5 hours reading every article I could about it.. And that's when I made a familiar decision - I was gonna have to buy an Xbox One just for the new Rock Band.. Full circle and no regrets - love this game.
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