Dropmix board doesn't turn on anymore

I tried my Dropmix board for the first time yesterday.

It worked well for around 30-40 mins. Then it lost connection to the phone, which I was able to fix by pressing the Reset Button on the back of the board. After that, I played well for 20-30 more minutes and then I stopped playing.

A few hours later I tried to play again, and the board didn't turn back on. I assumed it was the batteries, so today I bought a new set of batteries and tried again, just to make sure. The board still doesn't turn on.

I've already checked the batteries are properly placed, but I'm out of ideas on what else to do.

Is there anything I can try? It's really disappointing that I was only able to use it for less than 1 hour.

I've contacted Hasbro already, but thought about posting this here as well.


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    Maybe remove all the batteries and leave it for a couple hours before putting them back in? Make sure you get rid of all the juice in the board before you start putting in batteries again.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    And make sure the batteries are good. Sounds crazy since they are new, but possible.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately I've already tried 2 sets of rechargeable ones (fully charged) and 1 set of the common ones. It just doesn't want to turn on. I even opened up the board to see if all cables are connected, and they are. Nothing out of the ordinary on the inside. I'll try again tonight just in case (haven't touched the board in over 24hs), but I don't think it'll make any difference.

    This is especially bad because I already had issues with my 1st RB3 keyboard right from the start, so my trust in Harmonix products is super low at the moment.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    That's incredibly crazy..
    Sorry about that

    Should easily be within return warranty though, right?
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    That's a bummer, particularly since the Dropmix board is made by Hasbro (Harmonix hasn't made hardware since RB2; MadCatz handled RB3 and Year One of RB4 and PDP from Rivals onward).
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