rb drum timing

Is it just me that thinks plenty of songs have their hi hats and cymbal timing off? Like songs that are way to fast on the hi hats while it sounds slower and transition to the crash cymbal just wrong. just feels off and I can't figure out if it's just rb4 if the whole series has been like that...like the song will have a gap from hi hat and cymbal in the soung but you just blast through it on rockband....just feels unnatural...


  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    Everything syncs up for me
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    Oh yeah, ive def mentioned mischarting, but not actual timing issues.

    You don’t like the actual charting of ghost notes?

    They didn’t chart them on some songs, but I’d like for it to be as authentic as possible. Except for on Rosanna. Those ghost notes sound hellish on an already busy song.
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    It’s not different. Just try it. You have to ghost it slowly or learn in the process. Regardless, you’re hitting it at the same time as the drummer and the ghosts sync up.
  • AbaddonAbaddon Road Warrior
    If you could cite some examples that might help. Can't say I've encountered that myself, though.
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    other than the occasional inconsistency in calibration values (which for me at least lately seems somewhat improved) i haven't noticed a timing issue. some songs do seem to have much tighter hit windows than others though, that can make them feel off if your calibration isn't totally dialed.

    as for ghost notes, my position has always been that they should be charted if they're audible during the actual song. if you can only hear them by cranking up the isolated drum track, then they don't need to be there. i guess if they're audible, they're not truly "ghost" notes, but some ghosts are less visible than others.
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    I have problems with Dream On by Aerosmith, it's buggy IMHO.
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