More character customization

Come on, Harmonix. Please add more ways for us to customize our characters, such as more detail on faces and body.


  • itzJVitzJV Road Warrior
    If HMX does bring back tattoos, please figure out a way to stop players from trying to make Swastikas on their characters.
  • itzJV said:

    If HMX does bring back tattoos, please figure out a way to stop players from trying to make Swastikas on their characters.

    Just out of curiosity would you allow hammer and sickle of Soviet Union.
  • I happened to fire up RB3 last nite, just to buy some DLC that works with both games, and I saw my character walking in the intro - looks just like me!

    That said, character customization isn't super high up on my wishlist for the game..
    I'm still on team "make the app communicate with the game a little better so we can create/edit setlists and listen to music clips within the app".. That's where I hope most out-of-game resources are spent.
  • Tried to make Lucio last night. Ugh, character creation in this game sucks, too shallow.
  • braves22braves22 Opening Act
    I think if they throw out another one of their trusty surveys and enough of us drop tidbits about character creator revamp in there, they'd listen....but given what Sussman said in the livestream, I'm not sure it would be enough even if they knew they could get us to drop money on a patch...may have to wait til the next major update (like Rivals was)
  • wreckem279wreckem279 Opening Act
    If Harmonix were to revamp the character creation and allow the possibility for more types of clothing and accessories, I would happily spend money on it.

    I really like RB4 overall, but the character creation is my biggest disappointment. There's almost no point to using it because it's nearly impossible to make unique looking characters.
  • I just want some clothes that doesn't look like they came from my sisters closet.
  • I really miss the character customisation my characters in 2 & 3 are so much better looking I would even buy it as dlc
  • JStryker47JStryker47 Opening Act
    edited November 2017

    how about shirts that aren't so short that your belly is showing.

    God, I hate that.

    I wish we would get the customization options of RB2 and 3 , together, as opposed to these stick men we have in 4, its so limited our options in 4. Be nice if they ever restored the character creator back to its former glory.

    And while they're at it, they could fix the stars and studs bracers, so that each of them can be different colors again.
  • I like making more than 1 size of person.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    edited November 2017
    I just want a bowtie. Is that too much to ask?

    (trying to make a backing band composed of likenesses of the three most recent series-featured Doctors... but you can't do Matt Smith's doctor without a bowtie. At least he gets a fez. And the only way to get a hairstyle that looks at all like Peter Capaldi's from the front is a ponytail in the back.)
  • I need the eyepatch to go on the other side to make my Rachel Duncan stand-in more accurate.
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