(PS4) Bloodstone Crew looking to add a couple more active members

stephansstephans Unsigned
edited October 2017 in Band Wanted
Season 1 we made diamond, season 2 (this last season) we were bloodstone. Still have a couple slots open for active players, especially a 900+ spotlight drummer. Search on Beastly. The crew is "Beastly Fido" but there are umlauts above the i and o. =) Gamertag is danstephans.

I have room for up to 3.


  • AAAND of course I forgot to mention that we're on PS4.
  • I'm about 850 on everything, wondering if I could join?
  • Yep, look us up and send a request. Search on "Beastly" we're currently gold and somewhere around #80 on the overall leaderboard.
  • We've got two open slots -- I've opened up the crew for now so you can simply join.
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