Can't find all DLC (Xbox One)

Have over 1200 DLC installed. Only finding 383 of them on start up. This was after uninstalling everything because my game wasn't finding any DLC. Something to do with Xbox One fall update?

Incredibly frustrating.


  • Any system restore or rebuild means your console needs to recheck all its storage for all its files. You only need to wait, uninstalling things slows down the process.
  • furiatedfuriated Unsigned
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    Can you clarify what you mean by wait? I just had this happen to me after the system update. I have over 900 songs and it can't find any. Today I bought 4 DLC songs from the store and it can find them but that's it. Am I supposed to launch the game and let it sit at the menu? It's not doing the Finding Downloadable Content thing, it does that but only finds my 4 recent purchases. I try doing the Refresh, and it again only finds those 4.
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    That's basically my issue too. @furiated

    It couldn't find ANYTHING when I had all my DLC installed previously. This was days after the update was installed. No other game is/was having issues finding DLC.

    I'm redownloading tracks now for the second time. Because the first time, it said I had more downloaded than I know I actually downloaded. It's only letting me queue up 300 or so at a time. I'm checking now, and yeah. Says I have 960something DLC downloaded. Only 465 songs in game. There's no way I have 960 something DLC downloaded in the first place 465 sounds like the actual amount I should have given what I have actually seen enter my download queue.

    I'm feeling this is an issue with the Xbox side of things, but it's still incredibly frustrating. I really wanted to get the Season Pass but I'm not buying anymore DLC till I get all of my existing DLC back on my box.
  • furiated said:

    Can you clarify what you mean by wait?

    Pretend everything is normal. Play Rock Band. Play a different game. Watch a movie. Don't try and do anything different, otherwise you're slowing it down at best, making it worse at...well, worst.

    Wreckem, I pointed out uninstalling stuff and poking at files slows it down, I'm a bit sad to see you say you're on your second time doing that.
  • wreckem279wreckem279 Opening Act
    All DLC show up as installed. Only 777 (the amount I actually saw added to queue and downloaded) are actually showing up in game.

    Will the other songs appear at some point? Is this the part where I wait? If so, okay. I wait.
  • wreckem279wreckem279 Opening Act
    Still 777 today. 1236 "installed".

    Is there no merit to the idea that it erroneously thinks DLC has been installed that hasn't?
  • wreckem279wreckem279 Opening Act
    Okay. So I uninstalled songs that were not being recognized. Apparently songs that have "--" in the manage game area of the Xbox are recognized whereas songs with "-" are not.

    I deleted a few of the "-" songs, and after attempting to reinstall, all the songs that were not recognized ended up re-downloading and are now recognized.

    It is astounding that in an official support forum I could not have gotten that information. Instead, I got condescending remarks. I have spent well over 3-4K on songs and perifs, and do not appreciate the sort of treatment I received after being rightfully upset that my library of DLC was not showing up.

    Hopefully I do not have further issues with the game, because coming here will most likely return fruitless outcomes.
  • metalkornmetalkorn Rising Star
    just got an Xbox One X - transferred to external HDD (from xbox one s) - then transferred back to the Xbox One X internal HDD with all DLC. Boot the game doesn't recognize ANY DLC - attempt to refresh the library - it thinks for a few seconds then does nothing - did that feature stop working?
  • metalkorn - I just went through that. Even though it shows installed the system still need to process the files on the back end which took about 24 hours for all 2309 songs... But now the game is missing 793 songs due to the 2.2.3 update.
  • metalkornmetalkorn Rising Star
    actually crashed half way through the refresh library - couldn't launch it again, shutdown the console - relaunched - basically bricked and had to reset console settings to even get the console to boot again - ever since I started trying to get RB4 working on it, it's been running like a dog.... it's not good at all!

    what's this about songs missing in an update?
  • Metalkorn - Do you have Scorpio edition or regular X?
    I'm dealing with the same on my XBox One X. My system has failed to start three times and forced me to reset console. Works fine if I am not using Rock Band or trying to get the Rock Band songs to work. Only 626 songs of my 2000 were working, so I left it on for 8 hours... no change. Considered deleting the songs with only one "-" and system crashed again while in the Rock Band "Manage game" screen. Didn't have this problem when I bought the Forza console and downloaded all songs. Really pissed with my X1X/RB4 experience so far.
  • RodeoRodeo Unsigned
    I'm also having trouble with getting my old dlc working on my new xbox one x.
    Already did 2 factory resets. Last time let it run overnight from the "manage game" with "install all". It got to 1083 installed, with the remaining 934 left in "ready to install" and no more apparent download activity... so I did another "install all" for the remaining 934... and after another long wait without any indication of what's going on back to startup error and factory reset. I never even started Rock Band 4 game on my last try.
    Pretty frustrating experience so far, considering it's 7 days since I got this console...
  • I guess I'll wait a few system updates before getting an X version console...
  • monlienNH3monlienNH3 Opening Act
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    I've just been trying to figure out if I have a faulty X console or the current system update can't handle the massive number of licenses/indexing. I disconnected my external HDD for now to see if it can work through the Rock Band catalog. All my DLC installed fine, but has maxed out at approximately 600 songs in game on two attempts (the second one after a crash that forced me to reset the console).

    Edit: Decided to play some other games tonight. They all prompted "Not Enough Storage" and would not load despite having 500gb free on the internal harddrive. Turned off system, turned it back on, it would not sign me in, restarted again and now I am being prompted to reset the console for the third time. Read multiple instances of RB DLC associated with this issue (likely just the sheer volume of licenses), so I am resetting completely(Removing everything) and going to only install 50-100 songs at a time. If it fails again, going back to my old XBOX and returning the X. Not Harmonix's fault at all, but this is crazy. Spent more time fighting the X than playing it since Nov 7.
  • I'm having the same issue on my Xbox One X with Rock Band 4 - anyone have any success figuring it out?
  • Hypodrmage - Good news: I got it to work and have been using my Xbox one X all week with all my Rock Band songs. Bad news: I had to delete all content from my Xbox One X and install all RB DLC individually... not using the Install all button found in my games and apps. Once I made it to 100 remaining songs, I hit install all to finish it off and watched each song notification pop up with the "--" in the name. It was a long and painful process. I also did not attempt to install any other content while working through the DLC install.
  • RodeoRodeo Unsigned
    I went ahead and also opted for the method described above. It definitely is a long and painful process, brick by boring brick as it were, 1522 down and 492 to go... Not exactly the Xbox one X experience I was lead to expect, and I am a bit disappointed by the lack of customer support or acknowledgment from Harmonix. At least I'll be good to go now.
  • Thanks guys - had to do that too for my library and all is well. Definitely was not the ideal way to spend my long weekend, but at least it's done now.
  • Just to add to the above, I basically DID brick my Xbox One X trying to install Rock Band 4 DLC using the "Install All" button. Don't do it! I only just received my box back yesterday and I'm now going through the painful process of installing bit by bit as detailed above by MONLIENNH3, although I'm grabbing "packs" where I can just to speed things up a little bit. Long and painful road...
  • Yeah, I grabbed packs where I could also. I think I've come to the realization that the Rock Band licenses may be partially responsible for the sluggish dashboard experience I've been dealing with on both my old X1 and the Xbox One X. Everything ran smooth when I had to reset the console, but once DLC was installed, the dashboard runs rough/delayed response. It may also be related to the fact that this is not my "home" console. My whole family games, so my primary playing console is not the "home" one. So maybe license validation is tying up system resources? At least everything has been working since I went through all trouble and the system hasn't crashed again.
  • lewst2k1lewst2k1 Unsigned
    Hey, the hmx employee gave the correct info. The game needs to reindex all the files. So what worked for me (as the hmx rep suggested) is starting up the game and leaving my xbox on the game while I watched tv on a different input. Several hours later I did the "refresh music library". Refreshing library right when u start the game will not find many files. You have to let it sit for a while before doing the refresh. Way faster than uninstalling everything. And less work
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    I just sent my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition in for repairs today. It got to the point where factory resets weren’t even enough to fix the system. I spoke to 4 different Xbox reps and told them about this forum and they all wrote it off and said it had nothing to do with the issues I was having. I really hope the right people eventually hear about this problem so it can be fixed. Had my X for barely two weeks and already had to send it in. Sigh...
  • So I'm having almost this exact issue. And I've tried everything that has been listed in this forum, and others, but to no avail. I've left my RB up and X on for about 3 days now. The title screen will flicker as if its thinking and so will the manage game screen. But nothing new is indexing. I've even tried moving all of the songs from internal to external and back and still nothing.

    The main thing that differs here for me, is that I tested out deleting a song that was not indexed and went to go re download. BUT it is making me purchase it again. And is doing the same for all of the indexed songs. When I look at the "your friends own" songs list on a friend's profile, it shows all of the un-indexed songs are purchased by myself but still will not work.

    Why RB gods, whyyyyy!?!?!?
  • lewst2k1 said:

    Hey, the hmx employee gave the correct info. The game needs to reindex all the files. So what worked for me (as the hmx rep suggested) is starting up the game and leaving my xbox on the game while I watched tv on a different input. Several hours later I did the "refresh music library". Refreshing library right when u start the game will not find many files. You have to let it sit for a while before doing the refresh. Way faster than uninstalling everything. And less work

    Did you have to do this after a system reset? I left my Xbox on for 7 days (although just on the dashboard, not the game menu) and half my songs are still missing, even after a Song Library Refresh. Clearly it's a license issue of some kind, seems to have started after updating to Rivals.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    Yeah, it needs to happen after a system reset too.

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