DLC Discussion Thread: Whatever Happened To Keytars?



  • dllewel said:

    The bonus XP messages are now the clearer ones that were meant to be introduced in late September, "Play Bonus X/3!"

    Just finished playing a 20 song set and noticed the same. I like it.
    I do too, but the notifications are still 1 song behind in setlists.

    For future, can we have a filter by rival challenge songs when playing online and have this notification before playing the song? Maybe a filter by challenge plays?

  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    So ever since one of the waves of song metadata changes as far as I can tell every song's genre was decided on a band by band basis. Unless I'm wrong about that, then "Blister In The Sun" will be the first in a long while to deviate from that, because it's labeled Punk while "American Music" is labeled Alternative. I'm personally supportive of genres being decided on a song by song basis and not lumped by band, so if this is indicative of a change going forward then I'm for it.
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