Captain Jack broken (Ps4)

After a couple of minutes playing the song, the game freezes and i can only press "options" and leave.
I bought Billy Joel pack and the pack/song can't be removed/installed again.
Delete everything and install all the songs (over 2000) again is not an option.
Any solutions?


  • Does it freeze in the same spot each time?
  • There’s also the very possible problem of your PS4 having a bad sector in the middle of the song. Is there any way to copy the DLC file to an external drive?
  • I honestly don't know. All I can see is that nobody else has mentioned this so far, so I'm thinking it might be your PS4.
  • A.S.Roma said:

    LoopyChew said:

    I honestly don't know. All I can see is that nobody else has mentioned this so far, so I'm thinking it might be your PS4.

    Why I can't download again only that song? Is unacceptable that I have to delete all my content to fix one
    That is, to my knowledge, a Sony limitation.
  • I had the same problem with one The Clash songs. My system would freeze while playing the song. I checked with friends and they wouldn't have any problems. A few days ago I noticed that the song would be in the challenge so I tried to redownload the file for just that one song to see if that would fix it and now the song works fine. This is how I did it:
    Open the web store.
    Logged in to my PSN account.
    Went to the download list. This is in the drop down menu that is by your PSN Id on the top right corner.
    If you are like me and have a lot of DLC you'd have to go thru the painful process of finding the song going one page at a time. I had to go back almost 200 pages. It just depends on your DLC and when you bought the song. The list is sorted chronologically starting with your most recent purchase.
    Once you found the file just click the download to PS4 button and it will replace the file in your system. You should be good after that.

    There may be a faster way to do it but I didn't try it cause I found it after my song was working. You may want to try it and post if it works for you. Go to the library app in your PS4. Select RB4 and then go to your add-ons list. Scroll down until you find the song. Since the song is already installed it should be in the list. Click on the down arrow to redownload.

    Hope this helps.
  • What was your problem?... in order to help you we need more info. Do you not see the song in the download list? Did you hit the download button and nothing happen? I mean it could be anything. I had a problem identical to yours and I'm willing to help you get thru it but I need details. I was frustrated too but now my song is working and I can tell you you don't need it to redownload all to fix a song.

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    But it is possible to download just one song to fix your problem. I just did it to fix mine less than 1 week ago. Follow my instructions on my big post and it will do it. If you get stuck let me know where. Don't keep saying you have to re-install everything cause you don't! Lol
    Files get corrupted all the time. That happens with every hard drive. That's why you have the option to download individual files on the download list.
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