no chances to get #1 or #2...

this is starting to get very frustrating. is anyone else sick of putting in so much work only to be cheated out of getting #1 or #2? lemons and renegades are cheaters. if u look at the plays by renegades lowest player all they do is play the spotlights because it is someone from lemons playing for them to make sure that it is always lemons in 1st and renegade in 2nd. there is no way one person gets the highest score on spotlight songs for guitar and bass but yet their scores on other songs are easily beat. what is the point in playing if people keep cheating everyone else out of having a chance to be at the top?


  • Be careful about throwing around the cheating label. I can't vouch for the PS4 side as I am xbox, but the talent and amount of time provided on the xbox side is tremendous. You seriously need to path and play to perfection on the spotlight side. Calibration lag and other such cheating devices have been removed, so it really does come down to getting the fc, pathing the perfect path and maximizing your score. Spotlight scores have literally come down to who can squeeze more points out of an activation. Pathing and doing songs over and over again take a lot of time, so it makes sense that only the spotlight songs have been worked this way to get the highest score possible.

    As for the xp side, that can be a little more suspect, but knowing some of the top crews on the xbox side, I can tell you that you need to put in a LOT of time to compete with the top two crews. And by a lot, I mean a lot. A tremendous amount of dedication is needed to chug away and grind to the level of the top crews.

    So I guess I am unsure of your accusation. Do you have proof that these crews are cheating? Are there specific examples of said cheating? Can you back up the fact that you have pathed and played the song to get every squeezable point possible and are still getting beat?
  • the #1 crew has a member that does their spotlight and has another account where they go and play spotlight for the #2 crew and the score for each song is about 100-200 less then the top score they get for their own score. they do not want another crew to be #2 other then the one they help. if the person did not play the spotlights for this other crew they would be way below my crew we are #4 and we are killing them in xp. I got over 100,000 already as of yesterday. I'm not saying the person is a terrible player I'm saying they are playing for two crews to make sure that no one else gets a chance at beating them... it makes the game not fun if you know that you will never make it to #1 or #2 bc the top team stacked the deck the other team.
  • What do you expect from video game leaderboards? There are always going to be people doing dubious things.
  • truth.. just makes me mad bc what is the point of even trying to play it if u are never going to even have a chance at succeeding at it. I know no one is gonna do anything about it. but it shows that there are favorites bc they have no problem telling crews they have to change their names but they know said people are doing what they are doing....
  • Wasn't Gamolition second the last couple of weeks? I can't see the top scores during the week because my crew is way down the list but I seem to remember Renegades being third only once based on the results that show at the end of each challenge. I may be wrong and people can correct me. This is from the top of my head.
    Also, having someone in a crew with a few plays and good spotlight scores is common. Crews recruits members just to help with spotlight. Playing only a few songs in spotlight can bump you up the same as 40-50k would on xp.
  • for spots it's been renegades the person in question admitted that they do not want any other crew but renegades below them. it's one thing to recruit members it's another if that is the only reason. like why would anyone want to win like that. they didn't put the effort in. if this person did not play both crews n stuck to lemons then renegades would not be #2 right now. they would be #10 at least on spots. I would not want to be in a crew that didn't try their hardest. they will never get better if they don't do their own work. it's like have the nerd take ur test for u in school... yeah u might have "passed" but u r still dumb bc u didn't learn anything.
  • If that's the case, then I wish Harmonix would (or could) do something about it. No person should be on two crews providing spotlight scores, even if they use another tag to do so. I don't understand why people would do this for a competition that has no bearing or real rewards on anything. Its like cheating at solitaire. Sure you could do it.... but what's the point?
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  • Another way to look at it is this: if you can't be #1, you should be playing to enjoy yourself. The #1 crew seems to be getting it legit maybe (unless they are sharing GTs to enable 24/7 XP grinding, but no one has suggested that yet), and if you can't beat them does it really matter if you're 2nd, 5th, or 10th?
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