DLC Discussion Thread: Aughts



  • I don't think they replaced the vocal track at all. I think it was remixed but all of the complaints about how he said certain things being different still stand iirc. It just sounds more like the album version as it's mixed in better.

    Before it sounded like the vocals were placed on top of the rest if the song, if that makes sense.

    I sort of buy that, but the intro is noticeably different. He used to sound like he was saying indo instead of into. How could they possibly have fixed that with a remix?
  • Still sounds like in-due to me, just like before. It's just mixed in with the music better so it doesn't seem as pronounced as before. Before, like I described, it sounded like it was over the top of the song so it was right in your face.
  • EliBell1 said:

    Wait, what?!?!? I'm very skeptical of this. Here was a recording of it from last week.

    The mix maybe is different, but it still sounds off to me...

    What exactly still sounds off? The instrumentation or the vocals?

    The vocal track was definitely replaced between RB3 and RB4, and I can’t notice any differences between it and the album take. The instrumentation I never really noticed ever being off in the original release due to mainly focusing on how off the vocals were.


    The more I compare the vocals, the more I am starting to notice differences, so maybe we still don’t actually have the album version after all?

    Maybe it’s this version from GH5?

    There are people in the comments saying this version that GH got is off as well.
    Mainly the vocals sound off to me. The way he pronounces certain things isn't right. It sounds more like grown up Jacoby, rather than the raw, emotional vocals from his younger years. (don't get me wrong, I LOVE a lot of their work after Infest, but this album had a distinct sound which hasn't been matched since)

    Bonethug said it perfectly - in the old version it sounds like the vocals were playing over the song, it wasn't mixed in with the song. Compare this upload from a year ago with the previous video. Maybe it's just toning down how loud the original vocal track was, but the newer remix definitely sounds better. I agree it sounds more like the GH5 version.

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